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Turkey (トルコ, サディク・アドナン)
Nation's name: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Republic of Turkey)
Capital: Ankara
Language: Turkish
Birthday: October 29th
National flower: Tulip

Human name: Sadık Adnan
Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Once known as the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a passionate masked old man who is sometimes considered as part of Asia, and is sometimes considered as part of Europe. He has dark hair (with a double-curled ahoge down by his neck, similar to Greece’s), gold eyes, and olive skin, though his skin is shown being fair in the anime adaptation.

In his younger days, Turkey had the attitude to take over all of Europe. Many other countries were quite scared of him at the time. Ironically today, he wants to be friends with said European countries.

Several times in the past, Turkey took over Greece. It is because of this that the two don’t get along very well today. They can’t stand to look at each other, let alone be in the same room. A cease-fire was recently decided on, but even so, they’ll probably never get along soundly and never quit competing with each other.

He also, at one time, used to pick on Hungary and tried conquering Romano (but was stopped by Spain).

Turkey is known as being merry, lively, loyal, and friendly, but stubborn, competitive, and nosy. He’s also quite the show off, constantly looking for new ways to stay in style and entertain tourists, which he considers a hobby. He’s somewhat of a gourmet, and loves sweet things as well as baths. It was shown that he uses a huge amount of sugar in his coffee, and that he carries around apple juice with him to drink while on breaks. He speaks in an Edo dialect, and is the only country who considers the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an official country.

Also to note is that his human name, “Sadık,” means “loyal” in Turkish.

Voice Actors
Williams, Kent
Fujimoto, Takahiro