Ayari "Ayarin, Aya" Shiki

Ayari Shiki

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Ayari Shiki (志木 絢璃)

Birthday: October 8
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Blood type: A

Shiki runs the school's student council. She is Mariya's and Shizu's cousin, and has a standing rivalry with Mariya. She calls him 'Flat Chest', as he calls her 'Fat Ass'. Apparently, the cause of the animosity between Mariya and Ayari happened because of a childhood incident where she had her dress ripped open supposedly by Mariya (and her underwear exposed). Because of that incident, she got called "Panda-Chang" after the mascot character printed on her underwear and all sorts of nicknames related to pandas. She blames Mariya for this incident and therefore holds a grudge on him for that. Ayari and Mariya look much alike and are about the same height.

Voice Actors
Matsuki, Miyu
Novotny, Nancy