Koumei "Kou-chan, Crouching Dragon" Shokatsuryou

Koumei Shokatsuryou

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Koumei Shokatsuryou (諸葛亮孔明)
Three Kingdoms counterpart: Zhuge Liang
Birthday: January 1
Horoscope: Capricorn
Age: -
Height: 143 cm
Blood Type: AB
Three Sizes: B-60 W-48 H-58
School: Seito's Academy
Toushi Rank: C-Rank
Weapon: Hand Fan

A young girl who appears to harbor a dragon (obviously Zhuge Liang, himself, who is released after some major feat at the Battle of Chibi) herself. She is quiet and enigmatic. It has been suggested that she has been manipulating many great events throughout the series despite being very young. This was stated by Saji, who may work for her. She is very attached to Ryubi, often staying by her side and preventing others from getting in between them. She is destined to be Shibai's arch-nemesis.

In preparation for the Battle of Chibi, Koumei has awakened the spirit of the original Zhuge Liang within her.

The same as in the manga (same with Zhuge Liang's appearance). She is completely loyal to Ryubi to the point that she might have a crush on her. At one point she wanted to be the one who takes a bath with Ryubi. She is set on accomplishing Ryubi's goals no matter what. Among other things, she chose the destination for the Battle of Chibi. At the end of the series she returns to doing her favourite hobby, fishing. She is fascinated by the size of Ryubi's breasts. In the first Dragon Destiny OVA, she compares the breasts of Chouhi, Kanu and Ryubi in an open-air bath, much to their discomfort. She picks Ryubi's as her favourites because they are the softest.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kadowaki, Mai
Reidies, Daniela
Harvey, Megan
Soler, Rebecca
Dams, Catrin