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South Korea (韓国, イムヨンス)
Nation's name: 대한민국 (Republic of Korea)
Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean
Birthday: August 15th
National flower: Hibiscus and Rose of Sharon

Human name: Yong Soo Im
Height: Unknown (but taller than Japan and China)
Age: 15-16 (appearance)

An Asian country that was confirmed to represent the Southern half of Korea. Even though he's South Korea, in fandom, he's just referred to as Korea since no North Korean character has been created yet. He has dark hair with a curly ahoge straying off to the side of his head that is almost always shown with a face in the center, which is said to represent his "Korean spirit."

Although not confirmed, it's been speculated by fans that he was raised by China and that China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are like siblings to him.

Being somewhat obsessed with his big bro China, he's constantly trying to get him to pay attention to him and recognize him. Korea refers to him as "Aniki" (Big brother), and once worked with him in making an anime (which failed because China couldn't draw anime very well). China expresses great annoyance towards him, and even said that creating villas in Korea is simply "impossible."

Another brother of Korea, Japan doesn't really get along well with him, mainly because Korea's constantly stealing his ideas and claiming that he came up with them. Apparently, Korea'll go all out just to disagree with Japan in some way, no matter how ridiculous.

For some reason, despite many claiming that he is the youngest member of the Asian countries, he feels that his older brothers should refer to him as their older brother.

He is rather free-spirited and wild, and loves the internet, video games, Canada, dramas, studying abroad, and claiming that he invented things. However, he can be serious at times and always puts his family first. He usually talks in a "hip" sort of fashion, using nonsense phrases such as "Mansae!" "Cho~cho~ru" and "Da-ze!" as well as "Uri nara mansae!" (which translates into English as "Hooray for our land!"), but tones it down to show respect when speaking with elders. It has been shown that he is very good at drawing anime, and loves kimchi so much that he took it up into space (much to France's annoyance). It is also mentioned that he is very muscular due to his experience in the military.

Korea was originally supposed to appear in the Hetalia Axis Powers anime. Due to being considered as "highly offensive" by the South Korean government as well as several South Korean residents, online petitions were started stating that Korea's birthday was wrong, his behavior and personality was perverted, and that his hanbok (a traditional Korean garment) was drawn wrong, thus he should be removed from the anime series. Although Korea was then cut from the anime, he was shown as a chibi in the ending theme song "Marukaite Chikyuu" as well as briefly and accidently appearing in a few scenes in the anime. An original anime design for Korea had been made, but was then later disposed of and taken down from the Hetalia Axis Powers official site. This design showed Korea's dark hair as a chestnut shade of brown, and the "Korean spirit" in his ahoge removed.

Also to be noted is that the Western ordering of his name is "Yong Soo Im," whereas the Eastern ordering is "Im Yong Soo." In Korean, "Im Yong Soo" means "brave and great."

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