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Chifuyu Matsuno (松野 千冬)

Birthdate: December 19, 1991
Age: 14 (past), 26 (future)
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type: O

Chifuyu is the vice-captain of Toman's 1st division and Baji's friend. Chifuyu and Baji met at school, as Chifuyu was an aspiring delinquent who terrorized other thugs at his school and wanted to get to the top. Chifuyu's confidants pointed him to Baji, who was also a famous thug, after which Chifuyu wanted to meet him. When Chifuyu meets Baji in his classroom, he is dressed as a nerd who tries very hard to learn the school material. This is because Baji's grades are quite bad and from now on he doesn't want to worry his mother with his bad grades, but wants to write good grades. When Chifuyu enters the room, Baji is just despairing of reading a word in a book, whereupon Chifuyu points out to him how to read it correctly. They start talking to each other instead of Chifuyu challenging Baji to a fight. The two become friends and later, while Chifuyu is on his way home being attacked by thugs he has angered, Baji steps in to help him. From then on, they are an inseparable duo, which also results in Chifuyu becoming Baji's vice commander. Chifuyu admires Baji extremely and is not angry when he beats him up and asks Takemichi if Baji is not the coolest of them all. Chifuyu also seems to enjoy reading shoujo manga.

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Voice Actors
Karino, Shou
Bevilacqua, Alessandro
Baehr, Patrick
McArthur, Adam
Bougleux, Erick
Portuguese (BR)
Banquells, Sebastián Adame
Ventura, Vito
Gómez, Héctor Emmanuel