Soranosuke "Marvin Grossberg, Samuel Rosenberg" Hoshikage

Soranosuke Hoshikage

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Soranosuke Hoshikage (星影宇宙ノ介)
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Height: 166 cm
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Head of the Grossberg Criminal Defense law firm, boss and mentor to both Mia Fey and Diego Armando.

Personality: Grossberg is a mild-mannered man and, we have to assume, a skilled attorney. He's usually cheerful and well-meaning but also something of a pessimist. He wants to do the best for his clients, but at the same time isn't about to put himself on the line for their sake.

Misc Facts: When upset or very worried...his buttocks ache. Often talks about his youth and the scent of fresh lemons.

Grossberg only has two animations because they literally could not fit any more sprites into the game, due to the memory available at the time.

Friends and Family: No known family, but he was once boss to Souryuu Kaminogi and Robert Hammond, as well as Mia Fey until she began her own firm.

Name Origin:
English: A fan suggests Grossberg comes from German meaning "big mountain." Because he is, of course, quite large (thanks Juanna!).

Japanese: His first and last names are references from famous detective novels. Hoshikage comes from the name of a detective in a Ayukawa Tetsuya novel.

"Sora no suke" means "boy of the stars," from a reference made by the main character in Shimada Souji's mystery book, "The Astrology Murders." (taken from a Japanese site which is unfortunately no longer up).

French: PW Fan Pizzadude tells me that "Rosenberg" is a typical lawyer name in Europe.

Background: Marvin Grossberg has worked as an accomplished defense attorney for many years, and trained talents like Diego Armando and Mia Fey. He side-barred on Mia's case State vs Wright.

(Source: Court Records)

Voice Actors
Parsons, Phil
Sugisaki, Ryou