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October 28th, 2018
oh damn i kinda forgot there was a blog on mal lmao. so i guess this is my first blog entry that's really not gonna be anything super exciting YAY

anyway, i know this may not matter to anyone since idk how many of you actually give a damn, but i'm too nice and care too much for some reason and have a question.

when i do SOTW, do you guys want the actual music video (if it's available on yt or even exists) or just the audio?

like for this week since it's long hope philia (one of my favorite EDs and songs) and the music video is available on yt i was debating posting the mv or just the audio and ended up going with just the audio. i usually post the mv if it's there but i'm just wondering what yall would prefer. so yeah.
Posted by phxntomhiveghoul | Oct 28, 2018 10:32 PM | 0 comments
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