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May 4th, 2011
A guy named Nakamichi Satoru, who eventually a foreigner that transferred to Misaki High School in the day he migrated with his family in Hokkaido. He was born in Japan so his nationality and name are alike, but he lived with his mother's hometown in Philippines. He often had a terrible experience about girls, so he had a Heterophobia. Before he had migrated, he decided to change his personality and erase of what he used to be. In school, he wears like a bad boy you seen in the movies. Luckily, only the principal, her grandmother knows about him and having permission to have an appearance in the school. Lately in Misaki school around the sun that has ready to set, he encountered a mysterious guy who wears a black cloak and black shades. He saw a scene like that guy was gonna be ready to be bullied. There are too many, so he helped that guy. After that, he's irritated about the guy's reaction and out of manners, in the end the two fights. When Satoru was going to finish him, he suddenly hear "KYAA" on the guy. He accidentally ripped the cloak, and he appear to be she?! After that, arguing begins on a two and disliked to each other. Who is she anyway?
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It's been 3 years over that Shiwada Daiken protect the earth from the other legendary worlds. He united his master and a friend Kusanagi Kyu, he considered as the member of the Gingarenmen Legend. He's going back in Okinawa and have some fun in his school days.
In the day people of magical club called SIRK. The story begins at the rumors in Takisaki High during the fall of the spring. It started by the beautiful transfer student Miyakawa Shein, a girl who likes mystery stories. In Daiken's matters, she considered to be strange because he felt a supernatural surrounds her. Then Daiken was interested by her in the story that SIRK is the protector clan who protects the FLOWER, the creature that served to be the source of willpower to restore the lifespan of the club. The legend of them must be on somewhere. Then Daiken search for the information if it was true or not. Sometimes became cautious of the situation if that club exist. Then he went at the library and search for mystery books even if it's century or generation, the mysterious girl said that it made uknown. Is she bluffing or something that her habit is to make rumors about her being a mystery freak? Coincidentally he met Shein in the library, and an interesting book she bought with her. He don't believe it that it was real. Shein shared it with Daiken, but he saw a suspicious sentence in a page; "Those who stole the devil's hand will bring doom. The upper hand will lead in heaven while the lower hand will lead in hell. The divine punishment will be in darkness while death happens in sunrise." This quote is quite mystery like a riddle. Daiken confused by it and ask Shein, but Shein doesn't have a clue. Shein has an important thing to tell Daiken, the Flower was stolen by the club was to be SIRK's destined enemy called DRAI. Daiken wanted to seek other information about the two clubs. DRAI was to be the club betrayed by the communist club and framed the SIRK by the test off. Then the fight continues and turned be the destined battle. Meanwhile, there was a terrible happen in Okinawa. There was an unknown creature floating in distance of view Okinawa hotel beach and that is the creature that is unknown existence on it's appearance. Shein remembered the sketch part in the book that the creature is definitely the flower. The two wonder why such a legend appear in this era? If this goes on, many will be involved in the fight it left centuries ago. Daiken and Shein must investigate this further and stop this ancient battle at any cost.
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