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Dec 7, 3:09 AM
Anime Relations: Shuffle!, School Days, Kanokon, Pupa, Netsuzou TRap
Meh, I guess posting on this blog will be fun once in a while. No better way to get the ball rolling than some good old negativity, so this time it'll be the worst 5 anime I've ever had the displeasure of watching.

#5: Netsuzou TRap - All the drama in this show is forced as hell (WTF was that ending). Speaking about forced shit, there is so much abuse and non-consensual molestation in this show. Every character in this show is either a dumbass (Yuma, Takeda), a slut (Hotaru), a complete fucking dick (Fujiwara), or a combination of the three at any given point. No one is REMOTELY likeable and even the fanservice is shit. Good yuri anime my ass.

#4: School Days - There are GENUINELY people on MAL who call this show "realistic." I find it hard to believe the characters in this show are even human based on their decisions. Also, Makoto (MC) has gotta be the shittiest human in anime, no exaggeration. He is truly the scum of the Earth, which really makes you wonder which fucking disgusting part of him girls fall for (ochinchin). This ride was TORTURE. At least the ending gave me some satisfaction (although I don't think that was its intention). Oh yea, and NICE BOAT.

#3: Kanokon - Do you like harem-ecchi anime where the MC looks around 9 years old and acts beta as hell? ME FUCKING NEITHER. Think Infinite Stratos, but much, MUUUUUCH worse. That's Kanokon for you. I hated the MC's voice, presence, and the fact that they just shove tits and ass in your face majority of the time. *claps* 10/10 famservice. Trust me, this shit is CRINGY and painful to watch. Oh yea, and it tries to pander so damn hard by making the girls furries, but that makes it worse. *sigh*. Even for ecchi lovers, just go watch Kiss x Sis, Shinmai Maou no Testament, or if you're THAT desparate, Yosuga no Sora or Masou Gakuen HxH instead of this trash (or ya know, watch hentai).

#2: Shuffle! - This is the THE definition of a trainwreck. It is REALLY hard to explain why this shitshow is worse than the infamous School Days without spoiling the ending, but it is truly a work of art that is brought about by a total deus ex machina. It also completely abandons the fantasy setting halfway into the series and gets rid of the 2 main girls in the beginning of the series for literally NO reason besides the fact that they're not needed for the shitty drama anymore. The MC is a vapid dumbass with the IQ of a fucking cow, and apparently his stupidity is contagious, because every member of his harem, especially Kaede (the yandere), suffer from what I call "School Days Syndrome," which is a disease where one makes such infuriatingly poor decisions, they can't even be considered mentally stable (oh wait...). If you have not watched this show yet, NEVER WATCH IT. EVER.

#1: Pupa - It's one of the lowest rated TV anime on MAL, so I watched it, and it's fucking disgusting. I still remember the 6th episode of this anime, which was a full episode dedicated to Yume (imouto) erotically EATING bits of flesh of of her "onii-chan." Actually, that's all she fucking said in the episode, just the word "Onii-chan" in a pseudo-erotic voice that was obviously forced while HUGE black pillars of light censored out whatever the hell she was eating out of her onii-chan (and you thought Tokyo Ghoul was bad ha). I honestly don't know whose bright idea it was to green light this show, but why? Even to the people who have a cannibalism-incest fetish (wtf?), this show literally offers nothing because it has 3 minute episodes and it censors everything!

Welp, that was fun. Maybe next time I'll do something genre-related or something. BTW I could have put some graphic-ass shit for the Pupa gif, but I held back for some peoples' sake out there and instead just went with the tried and true wincest bait lol. See ya around.

- Adonc
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