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July 17th, 2009
Anime Relations: Gakuen Alice
And that is Narumi from Gakuen Alice! I guess I'm falling for the effeminate boys just like how I came to love Zoi. <3

So only yesterday, I finally started the Gakuen Alice manga, and Narumi's first appearance is so HOT. Because they're showing him using his Alice, which I believe is so epic and awesome. The world would be at your fingertips if you could get anyone to do what you want just because you kiss them and they blush and faint.

This just proves my point that characters look better in the manga version than the anime version.

Yes, I also like Natsume, but he's still a young boy. (Unlike Ikuto who's at the perfect age of 17~)
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Private Entry
June 23rd, 2009
"NO, YUNOKI, COME BACK!" was Mierna after watching La Corda d'Oro episode 22. :(

That aside, I have finally finished reading the first story arc of the Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch manga! :D It was so good. I think I enjoyed the manga more than the anime, most likely because my impression of the anime is a rather negative one. Come on:

* Lots. Of. Fillers. Does it really take fifty-two episodes to reunite the seven Mermaid Princesses?
* Gakuto is Gaito in the anime. Gakuto's name is a reference to Gackt. And doesn't Gaito's name already ruin the twist about him and Kaito?
* Too much LHR (Lucia, Hanon, Rina). Caren showed up more frequently in the manga.
* Too much LHR and song repetition. Do I want to hear "Legend of Mermaid" being sung for thirteen episodes straight!?
* Lucia seemed to get the same treatment as Sailor Moon's title character. Their clumsiness got amped in the anime, but they were a lot more mature in the manga, and I have respect for the latter.
* Oh yeah, the manga has more violence. Kaito in the anime just gets electrocuted, but gets stabbed by a sword in the manga. And blood comes out. And he has the nerve to pull the sword out. ;)

And Lucia and Kaito's story is very sweet in the manga. The ending to chapter 20 makes a touching conclusion to their ordeal from the beginning.

But that's not the main feature here! Guess what my main peeve about the anime is? Too much LHR and not enough of the other mermaids. (Sara and Seira are special cases, the two story arcs practically revolve around them.) Caren, Noel, and Coco were comic relief in the anime. And yet they're still important because without them, the world could not be saved. XP

So while on that subject, it then occurred to me. If the seven mermaids were compared to Berryz Koubou based on their so-called rankings in their groups:

1. Noel would be Maasa Sudou. Because they are both the underdogs of their respective groups (judging from the anime at least).
2. Lucia would then be Risako Sugaya. No question about it. Both are pushed in your face so much that you might start to dislike them.
3. In that case, Hanon would be Miyabi Natsuyaki. Both are only second to Lucia/Risako and most times, the emphasis is on Miya and Rii and Lucia and Hanon.
4. Much regrettably, that would put Rina as Momoko Tsugunaga. (Remember, based on their popularity!) There are instances where only Miya and Rii are in spotlight, but Momo is third place to them, and for a while, the three of them were the ones who took leads in songs.
5. So I guess that would make Caren comparable to Yurina Kumai. Early on, Momo, Miya, Rii, and Yurina were the Berryz Big Four, but after they became only seven members from eight, Yurina went to the back for a while and the other three were the leads. Most recently though, Yurina is getting her status back as the Big Four unite once more!
6. In my opinion, I would put Coco as Saki Shimizu, mostly because they are both the eldest of their groups (if we aren't counting Sara). :P
7. And that leaves Seira with Chinami Tokunaga! Yeah, when the Berryz Big Four existed, the Berryz Back Four hardly got any attention, but Chinami often got one solo line here and there. Same for Seira who got enough shots in "Kibou no Kaneoto" to rival LHR.
8. And then we have Sara with Maiha Ishimura, the eighth member who left Berryz. Crackish indeed. XD

Thank you for letting me share this random bit of funnyness with you, and until then!
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June 9th, 2009
Anime Relations: Zombie-Loan, Shugo Chara!
Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana from Zombie-Loan!! So I stumbled upon the title and decided to read it just because those two boys look amazingly sexy. :3 And wow, this is also a title from Peach-Pit? Those two are pretty awesome for having both a dark-themed title and a magical girl title out that are both awesome. Ikuto is like Shito. It's because I like Ikuto that I instantly like Shito. XD And Shito is also like FF7's Vincent since he wields a gun. Looks like it's Mierna's small world now.

And the opening theme for the anime is one of my favorites now. So rock-ish, reminds me of "Otherworld".
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May 31st, 2009
I finally decide to get into La Corda d'Oro again. It was about two years ago that a friend wanted to watch the anime, so I showed her where to watch it at Crunchyroll. Initially, it was okay back at the time, until I stopped watching it halfway. Now that I've started to read manga, I want to read the manga series for the anime on my list.

I love La Corda to bits now, although I STILL don't know the rest of the story yet! :O My favorite out of the Stella Quintet boys is Azuma Yunoki, who I now refer to as "Yunokirin." :D Back when I was still new to the characters, I had to remember all the boys by their traits. And Yunokirin's voice was the only one I recognized at the time. (Daisuke Kishio voiced both Kaito and Gakuto in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.) Manga Yunokirin looks younger and has better hair than his anime counterpart's. ^^' (And Yunokirin was a lot more handsome when he still had short hair! <3)

Ah, but Yunokirin still has his evil side, right? But that makes him sexier. XD And now I suddenly realized that my favorite pretty boys are/were all part of the dark side somehow. XP
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