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June 28th, 2011
Man, i use to love fridays but now i hate them like hell! I have to go to lessons, clean the house, hear my mom nagging me and... stupid homework! Plus I can't see my hommies, which sucks. But the fun part is when its night I go crazy watching animes until 6:00am in the morning honestly until my eyes start stinging with pain and sleep so 8:00am. Thats when my mommy goes to work WOOHOO! But my saterdays suck too, especially when my mommy comes home. And starts to sorta swear(in my language, so i have no idea whats she saying) how dirty this house is. Too me it lokks fine and that includes my whole family so its like 4 against 1. Same thing goes for my sundays. Then monday my mother goes neat freak mode, so me bothering is...scary. So i do nothing. WOOW! I like mondays, i get to relax.
Posted by MOLLY123 | Jun 28, 2011 7:55 PM | 1 comments