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July 16th, 2011
Welp, since you cant add them to your manga list I figured I'd just make a list here. Ah! And if you have any suggestions on what I should read, please tell me!!!!

D. Gray-Man--
Arpeggio (AllenXKanda)
Drowning Fish (AllenXKanda)
Gold Live (AllenXKanda)
Home (AllenXKanda)*
Offlead (AllenXKanda)*
Oyasumi no uta (AllenXKanda)
Tsuki ni Kimi (AllenXKanda)
TsundereXTsundere (AllenXKanda)
Stance (LaviXAllen)

13 Year Old Report (SasuNaru)*
15 Year Old Report (SaruNaru)*
Asa ga kita nara okite ii desu (SasuNaru)
Blue Calm (SasuNaru)*
Judging the Road with Love (KakaIru)
Living Game (SasuNaru)
Psychedelic Aftereffects (KakaIru)
Shinobi Ica Ero (KakaIru)
Small Beast of the Forest (SasuNaru)*
Sweet Hand (KakaIru)

One Piece--
Black Topological Space (ZoroXSanji)*
All-day Love (SanjiXZoro)
Black Sword Shuusui (SanjiXZoro)
Drop (SanjiXZoro)*
Hotel Pacific (SanjiXZoro)
Snow Tales (SanjiXZoro)
10 Minutes More (SanjiXZoro)*
Service Limit (SanjiXZoro)*
To Aru Kaii (SanjiXZoro)
Duplicate Sea (SanjiXZoro)*
Pirate Ship Noah (SanjiXZoro)***
Pool Bar

Kuroko no Basket--
Sakura no Kisetsu (ShinXTakao)
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May 6th, 2011

3rd (teh187)
5th (ILoveJapan1596)
7th (Eovine)
10th (Natkaa)
11th (CamelliaHeart)
12th (xX_Ulquiorra_Xx, michmecha, Jerzhysan)
15th (Miiharu)
17th (Kuro-Tenshi)
19th (rina_yukina)
24th (Solveig)
29th (StarlightZero)
30th (lclarkey)
31st (1fany2)


1st (rose93)
3rd (Knightdemon272)
4th (xxxtsubasa)
8th (xxKaIrIeYxx, linette, BabyMiesztiey)
10th (Natkaa)
11th (Koutaku, konata_ozaki)
13th (yui_iwisawa)
16th (patry16dbz)
17th (DarkDutchess)
19th (aquas15)
22nd (Dea22)
23rd (eien_ame)
26th (czerah)
27th (kanon-chan)


2nd (Foxxyy)
3rd (NightmareRWolf)
5th (anck-su-namun, Haruchan9)
8th (Alyx_Phantomhive)
9th (lilith_666)
10th (Blessing310)
11th (emerald_city)
12th (Neliei, gabriell)
13th (mielcat)
16th (LambdaDelta_34)
20th (KAORUisMINE)
21st (BlackstarTheKid)
23rd (Sadame-tan)
24th (Haruno-Sakura, Allen_Kanda, ichirinnohana)
26th (Megan20)


3rd (Storm-sama)
5th (StarSaya)
8th (funkyrach01, Rayana)
9th (Garairo, ningning, marileks)
10th (XDemonicAngelX)
12th (frauzlein)
15th (WujekLucek)
20th (GrayTiger20)
24th (DarkRoseOtaku)
30th (SugarSweety, Menori, NeeMiSo, Illyra, SetsunaKusunoki)


1st (Kuikirylia)
3rd (tiohenai, ximenavankeulen)
5th (Qady)
6th (Roloko, meganissimo)
10th (Animegirl, MayCherryBlossom)
11th (cherrygirl570)
13th (AL19, IZ-)
15th (Yuki_91, DarkDemon-Chan)
19th (Kurneai)
20th (smilexbabex33)
22nd (Ranoom, asckj1)
25th (Aluysion)
28th (Asclepsios-Rin)
29th (pavli4ka8, cartoonangel1, NGraceW)


1st (Jori-kun)
6th (Lyhne-chan)
9th (KorynMarie-)
12th (elanra_moonlight, MeiHyuk_Nana)
16th (zeiqouine)
17th (Mivako)
26th (Lotte260)


1st (chunks69)
2nd (yugiohgx5dsgrl)
4th (sayuri_chan)
8th (Origa-san)
9th (yvonne-waal, drtylilsecrt)
10th (anaeklipse, fallen13100)
12th (xXxMati-chanxXx)
14th (Frywenn, oruchan)
15th (infactuation21, Chibitan)
17th (jayczee, chizuRUki, nala87)
19th (Chibi-Alice)
23rd (dgirl1997)
24th (TeruCake, Jess-chan, Crystal_Moon)
25th (mihax)
28th (bt-kun, fakeobsession)
30th (nerdsonfire1)


1st (Chanassa)
3rd (namea)
5th (Firce, UnhappyRefrain)
9th (Norie-chan)
14th (BlackWiltingRose)
15th (allie_san, mikalacain)
16th (TakeHerIn, ahaNoah)
20th (Skalidra)
24th (fayotaku, EarthStar9109)
27th (Otrajenie)
29th (bubble04)


13th (ImpactAlchemist, endless_nine_09, AnimeGirlLover, emiyuui, Duszanek, Anotherfan)
16th (RoseAngel)
18th (Shinino)
24th (rachel_0914)
26th (Mary_Phantomhive)


2nd (Heiko92)
3rd (Mitoko)
5th (akira1878)
6th (Emiko_Chan)
10th (mina-mina10)
11th (Red_Star)
16th (_Neeka)
18th (Artlover3)
30th (sc0pii0gal)


3rd (setsuzuki, FrozenPluto)
7th (Kikyo-san, Renssia, Kikyo-san)
8th (AmnaMJ)
16th (Angelz12343)
18th (fifiid)
24th (callhershana)
30th (JadeValkyrie)


2nd (temari-san, CandiiRawrzx3)
4th (GennyMon, gINGEr)
6th (JustFightForMy)
12th (Sarrora)
20th (gAbCh17Yy, FoR-YoU)
26th (Soulless_Wonder)
27th (shiki)
28th (Procella)
29th (ryll-the-kid_03)
31st (13itt3rsw33t)
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April 23rd, 2011
D. Gray-man Yaoi

Card Store

Liana's Card Studio

Beast Master

BL Addict


Dengeki Daisy FanClub

Yaoi Cards Club

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March 31st, 2011
The claim list is organized by show name! So, check and see if your bishie is already claimed =)

#'s and Signs:





Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou--Tabata Hidenori (kawaiisenshi)

Dengeki Daisy--Kurosaki Tasuku (Ariana)





Hataraku Maou-sama!--Hanzou Urushihara (anck-su-namun)




Akari (RoseAngel)
Gareki (secretlistener)





One Piece--
Trafalgar Law (Maxxxx)





Shingeki no kyojin--
Eren Yeager (Sadame-tan)
Levi (endless_nine_09)







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February 20th, 2011
Gahhh! I'm in the mood to watch yaoi but I cant find any worth watching!!! It's really getting hard. So far I've seen

Koi Suru Boukun
Okane Ga Nai
Legend of the Blue Wolves
Papa to Kiss in the Dark
Junjuo Romantica
Princess Princess
Gakuen Heaven
and a few more really light ones.

Can anyone tell me more???????
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February 7th, 2011
I plan to add stuff over time. Hope you like them as much as I do n__n

"I want to say I love you but the voice stuck in my throat became a gentle sob. I can only hear out heatbeats..." Aitsu to Ore Vol.2 Ch.7

"Looks like you think your that your heart disappears once you give it to someone you love. But the truth is, it doesnt. You end up with two--yours and his together. And then, they slowly blend into one. A stronger and more solid one. That's what love is." Jiho--Totally Captivated vol. 4

"I used to think I didnt need anyone. I tried to shut my eyes to how frozen I was becoming from the cold shards of glass, as they sank down into my heart and blinded me. I had nothing to be obsessed with, because I had no possessions. That was the only thing that comforted me against my fear of the dismal reality. But I was lonely. I was sad and I was desolate. I was supposed to be complete, even when alone...but I just couldnt be. I didnt even have someone's name to call out when I was all alone in the darkness. I wanted to tell that certain someone...because I only had one possession...because I was the only thing to protect or lose...I clasped it tightly to my chest. I couldnt afford to let anyone take it away from me. I wanted to tell that special person that I've only been gasping for breath on that painfully cold winter night, bundled up just like that. And I wanted to tell him that I never wanted to go back to frozen, snow-covered world. And now, I long for our hearts to thaw together, side by side, flushed red and pulsing with love and to soon become one." Ewon--Totally Captivated vol. 4 (MADE ME CRY 3 TIMES)

"The feeling of wanting to understand and the feeling of wanting to be understood...By just thinking this and not saying will not get to the hearts of anyone. That's why you can't give up. That's right. Speak your mind." Rockin' Heaven Vol. 3 Ch 13 pg 149

"Whatever! Dammit! If this thing is love it's love and if it's a banana its a banana! Who cares if it's called a squid?! Yes Dai! I SQUID YOU!!!" Jaehee--Let Dai Vol 5 pgs 67&69

"Well it's too late now. I can't send you away out of moral obligation anymore. Now, I'm only going to think about myself. I wont let you go, I wont let you slip away. Never again." Jed--Boy Princess Vol. 9 Ch 3 Pg 53

"My hair isnt frizzy. This hair is the manifestation of my lifestyle. It's an act of defiance against social rules." Kurosaki--Dengeki Daisy Vol 3 Ch 11 pg 76

"Why did you have to bring this girl so close to me? In this world. . . In this world, I fear this girl the most. And more than anyone else in this world I want this girl." Kuroski--Dengeki Daisy Vol 2 Ch9 pg189-190

"It's said that through the eyes of a coward even an angel can be seen as a devil." Nanaya--Monochrome Factor ep 8

"I just cant do it. After all, what else can be more frightening than risking everything on one person?" Ewon--Totally Captivated vol3 pg64

"It was the first time that I knew humans could be so warm" Kakeru--Everyday Smile Ch1 pg22

"No matter how brightly you shine if you don't catch someone's eye you may as well be in the dark." Minato--Houkago no Pleiades ep 1

"I can't help you when you crying in your dreams... So at least when your awake... I want you to smile." - Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume [V5Ch20]

"Why you ask? Well that's a useless question, the answer is obvious. BECAUSE I WANT TO!" Usagi--Junjou Romantica

"Like I always say, if you can't find a door make your own!" Edward Elric--Fullmetal Alchemist ep 2

"'I love you...' He kept repeating those words over and over again that I screamed 'Shut up!' unintentionally but he still continued saying it to me. I asked him out of the blue why he says those words, then Usagi-san casually laughed and slowly looked me in the eyes, 'Because I love you....'" Misaki--Junjou Romantica Vol 8 Ch2.58-60

"In order to save something dear wars are waged. As long as there is love there will be hate and some will take advantage of that hatred. To be a ninja is to combat hatred, each and every one of us battles that hatred. I know you will find the answer to peace, I have faith in you." Minato Namikaze- Naruto Shippuden ep. 168

"Loneliness is what I'm most afraid of... But somehow... I'm the one who isolated myself... I'm really... stupid" Ayase - Okane ga Nai Vol 4 Ch 2 pg 19

Onodera: "Don't you think I'd be good in taking care of children?"
Takano: "What? You're going to poop one out for me?"
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