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March 9th, 2014
Anime Relations: Natsume Yuujinchou


The Samurai Who Saved the Forest

Long ago in ancient Japan there was a great forest. This forest was home to all sorts of animals and was filled with beautiful flowers and trees. The grass there was green, the bright blue rivers flowed, and all was peaceful....Until....One day a powerful demon who was called Naraku came and brought darkness upon the once beautiful forest. The flowers and grass withered, the rivers dried up, and the animals who once lived there fled.

In a village not too far from this forest lived a young samurai by the name of Haruyuki Ichigo. The village Haruyuki lived in depended on this forest for it provided the people there with food and resources. Without it everyone would surely starve to death. With this in mind Haruyuki set out on a journey to the forest to find out what had happened. Wishing him good luck the villagers prayed that this samurai could save the forest from whatever evil had fallen upon it.

Marching by day and sleeping by night the samurai hurried towards the forest. Along the way Haruyuki heard rumors of what had happened to the forest. Some said it was the wrath of the gods while others said it was the armies fault. As Haruyuki neared his destination he was prepared for whatever danger may await him.

Finally arriving at the forest, the sight that met Haruyuki's eyes horrified him. What once was a beautiful sanctuary of nature was now a desolate wasteland of dead trees and burned grass. All of a sudden the sound of vile laughter filled the area. In a gust of wind the demon Naraku appared in front of Haruyuki. "What is this that stands before me," cackled Naraku, "a human?" "I have come to restore the forest in order to save my village," the samurai replied back. "HA HA HA HA oh really petty human?" Naraku replied back nastily.

Drawing his sword out of its scabbard, Haruyuki knew that he would have to defeat this demon if he wanted to save the forest. "You dare challenge me?" scoffed Naraku with a smirk on his face, "Very well show me what you can do human!" Rushing forward, sword in hand, Haruyuki engaged the demon in battle. As the two fought their attacks made the ground quake and whirlwinds fly. Their battle raged for a full day before finally concluding. Stabbing his sword through the demon's chest, Naraku fell dead and Haruyuki claimed victory. Naraku's body began disolving into the air and eventually dissapeared. A crack of lightning filled the air and rain began falling down onto the barren land. But this was no ordinary rain. This rain was filled with the energy of the demon Haruyuki had just slain. As the water flowed through the forest the grass, trees, and flowers, once dead began growing again, and the before dried up rivers began flowing as they used too. The forest was now alive as it originally was now that the evil demon Naraku was vanquished.

Returning to his village, Haruyuki received a heroes welcome. Cheers rang out and everyone feasted yelling "HARUYUKI IS OUR HERO! HE HAS BROUGHT LIFE BACK TO THE FOREST AND DEFEATED THE DEMON NARAKU!" Afterwards the parents of the village would tell their children the story of how the brave samurai Haruyuki saved the forest. This story was passed down generation to generation and even to this day is still told.

The End

Hmmm that wasn't to bad, I like it. At first I was going to do an indian story but it was still gonna be about a forest dying. All of a sudden the idea of it being a japanese themed story came to mind and so at the last second I went with it. For the writing I thought it was pretty good and the detail of the forest was nice. If there's one thing that could be changed I'd probably say it's the battle part between Naraku and Haruyuki. But other then that I thought it was pretty good and that ending part was great.
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