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Jan 8, 2011 12:24 PM
Anime Relations: Yozakura Quartet
Upon finishing the Yozakura Quartet series, I started to wonder about a question. ''Does language really matter when it somes to soundtracks?''
Well, till now -though I've always felt hyped-up when I heard 'Number One' while watching Bleach- I thought that Made-in-Japan soundtracks fit the anime better. Especcialy the ones represent Japanese daily life, history, etc..
But while having a lot of Japanese orianted elements and nothing about overseas, couple of English songs can be found in Yozakura Quartet. And it's not like Bleach, in which there are dozens of soundtracks just for giving one amotion a boost. Besides, these songs were the main themes of the serie.
'Tell Me I'm Alive' and 'Don't Have The Answers' by Ivan Kral have lyrics sung in a obviously-easy-to-understand way, so while watching the climax scenes of this anime, you do get the words of the lyrics in the background. Is it unpleasing? Nope, not even a bit. The thing is, this makes it better! It's like watching the main guys are fighting or struggling with their emotions and whatsoever while listening to one of the musics from your usual playlist. It gives a familiar vibe because of being used to English, plus some new feeling cause you don't usually hear English music in a Japanese anime.
But I believe it couldn't be achieved with just any song. It's the not-screaming-my-lungs-off vocalist's voice and the tune that gives off a vibe that you can hear this song in a bar and the style. These factors combine up with Yozakura Quartet's scenario and make it something that remains in your brain and makes you want to re-watch it.
I changed my mind about the languages of the soundtracks: if you do it properly, forreign languages can fit amazingly well with the anime soundtracks!
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