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Mar 5, 2021 2:39 AM
We are all know that without an investment on lightning protection systems people become susceptible to electrocution and also for the buildings or structures can cause fire hazards. For protection from ferocious thunderstorms, the protection system widely used since years ago is conventional lightning protection system which is employed to intercept the direct lightning strikes directing this voltage around the building structure via a conductor to provide a conductive path to the ground. You should have a designed network of conventional lightning protection systems for your house or business as this can make sure that the possible effects of lightning events can be controlled and prevent damages caused.

What is the objective of lightning protection system installation for any building?

Risk of fire hazard from these large electric current is reduced to a large extent:
When you don’t have such an installation in place, lightning energy so discharged will cause fire within interior or even side flashes as lightning generally tends to take the most direct path to the ground, which usually will be through any metallic structure or any electric system that conducts electricity well. When this happens, metallic structure or the electric system will get very hot and initiate combustion and small explosions. This is perhaps the most vital benefit of having installed such systems, as otherwise it can lead to catastrophic effects to human life and his assets.

Preventing intrusion of powerful surges into property within the structure such as electronics:
Take action well before the occurrence of such instantaneous and camouflaged issues that occur from Lightning effects, short circuiting, excess overvoltage, or other natural occurrences causing intrusion of high voltage into your electrical appliances. The long term effects of such a natural event can be devastating but it is only noticed once your device starts behaving abnormally further which the system will get disturbed and will gradually result in device breakdown as these events alter the normal working conditions set for the equipment by the manufacturer. Installation of lightning protection systems not only protects the structure but also helps safeguard against power surges or surge protection devices which causes a greater amount of heat to enter your device and hamper its functionality.

Introduction to the standard recommending technology and its operation principle
As per IS/IEC 62305, the mechanism may be on outside the structure or within the structure for which it recommends to use Franklin rods network installation at the highest peak of high-rise buildings for capturing the lightning and along with the rod – Down conductor, earthing system and a lightning strike counters are utilized to execute the complete purpose.

The custom designed network of conventional lightning protection system is as per the risk assessment and protection level to offer the best protection from lightning with components including lightning arrester made of good conducting material and having sharp pointed spikes should be mounted on the top of the highest point of the structure to be protected. In the worst-case scenario if a lightning event happens to directly reach any structure with air terminal and down conductor network installation, then the structure and occupants are ensured safety as this discharged energy from above hits the air terminal and is safely conducted down to the ground without harming anything in the protected area.
Talking of the final level in the lightning protection system which is the segment called earthing/ grounding system complying with IS 3043: 2018 and National building code 2016 effectively conducts the high voltage to ground.
Investing in the combination technology of structural lightning protection system and surge protection system is the best defense for high rise buildings as this is reliable and cost effective technology providing the highest level of protection.

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