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Feb 13, 12:45 AM
Anime Relations: Ishuzoku Reviewers
I'm not going to cause a big fuss about this because I don't even have this show on my list, but after reading up on the whole rule change thing, I guess I'm just confused and a little concerned.

Just as a disclaimer: I CAN and DO understand that a youtuber telling their followers to go and upvote an anime might hurt the overall score of said anime... In the long run.

From what I gather, the Admin are aware that it's not particularly dupe accounts that are the issue but "trolls" and "raiding."

Why the Admin are so upset about it is a little confusing to me though. I've looked into this issue, I've watched the videos, I've read the Admins forum posts and tweets all the way through, and honestly... The way they're handling the situation is a little... less than graceful.

  • I've seen the video, and the youtuber in question only appears to be trying to have fun, but the MAL staff are labelling the youtuber "malicious" and "an asshole" (Not cool by the way)

  • One Admin in particular even made threats that anyone who dared argue the topic ANY LONGER would be at risk of being banned for spam or trolling.

I honestly don't see why mass voting would stress the staff out as much as they say it does. I'd probably be more stoked that I'm getting free advertising and an influx of people will start using my service, possibly even paying for it.

I ESPECIALLY don't understand how the new system works.

From what I've seen and read, the overall score for Interspecies Reviewers was dropped to almost the same score it was the day that Funimation dropped it.

Which means that TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of ratings don't actually count towards the overall score of this particular anime. I don't normally vote on an anime until it's been completed so I'm not personally affected but In the span of TEN days, 30,000+ ratings have been... Ignored completely? How does that make sense?

It's still an ongoing anime, and the longer it airs, the more people are going to rate it. A lot of people seem to like it a lot. A lot of people are upset that it got pulled, it's only fair that they want to show their support for the series. Again, that's fair. But what about all the people who GENUINELY like the show and wanted to give it a 10?

What is the point of My Anime List, if not for people to rate the anime they like, whatever they believe it deserves to be rated?

If "Brigading" really causes so much stress to the staff ($$$ again, why would it? $$$)
I don't see why they wouldn't just put in place a system that doesn't allow a user to give a rating to an anime/manga until they've verified their account. Maybe a system that doesn't allow a brand new account to rate an anime immediately?

"Your account has to be at least 3 days old before you can rate this anime/manga"
"Your account must be 7 days old to rate an anime/manga"

People would still be able to add things to their list, but it would allow for some of the hype of a raid to die down or at least be a little more controlled.
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