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Dec 2, 3:42 PM
Anime Relations: Hoshiai no Sora
Random thought I just had while typing up a response in a forum thread. Coming out as something other than straight, as a concept, can only exist in a society where straight is assumed as the default from birth. In order to 'come out' as gay, bi, trans etc, people had to believe you were something else beforehand. And 99% of the time, that thing is gonna be straight. Nearly every LGBT person in a first world country is straight until stated otherwise, and that must fucking suck, Christ.

TBH, this is almost certainly a thing that sharper minds than mine figured out decades ago and I'm only just catching up. My hetero life obviously makes me a lot less good at noticing these things than someone who lives it. This must be why progress is so slow because we all have our most progressive realisations at 11:39 pm and then forget them by morning.

Well, I for one would love to see a society where coming out has become an obsolete concept, for the reasons stated above. Maybe I'll include that little idea in my novel somewhere. The main characters are already lesbians, so why the fuck not?
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