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May 17, 8:36 AM
Anime Relations: School Rumble, Golden Time
School Rumble
If you ask an average western Anime fan what the first Anime they watched was, they will likely say something like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, so-on-and-so-forth. and for me it was the same, the first few Anime I watched being a 2000s kid, were Pokemon: Master Quest and Yu-Gi-Oh: GX. However these shows didn't get me into Anime, not for a while at least.

School Rumble didn't exactly get me into Anime but as a preteen School Rumble left me in awe, I was at a point where cartoons were pretty much dead to me and I know this may sound a little childish but for my childish brain I was engulfed in the plot and laughing at the comedy which is something I thought cartoons couldn't do for me anymore.

The story behind why I watched School Rumble of all Anime still makes me laugh a bit to this day. In my first year of high school, my class went to a library in order to rent out Anime but with a catch, we were only allowed Anime that had 'School' in the title. Now some of you might see were this is going. My class decided on two Anime, School Rumble and the infamous School Days. I had no idea what School Days was at the time and our class never ended up watching it (somebody probably snitched) and now I can see why. However I still distinctly remember my classmates laughing in the corner of the library after picking out School Days.

Golden Time
Several years after I watched School Rumble I still hadn't seen that many Anime. I remember watching Higurashi but that's about it. It wasn't until I watched my gateway Anime, Golden Time that I started to become a weeb.

My former classmates made several attempts to get me into Anime by showing me Neon Genesis Evangelion (an Anime that I now love), Boku no Hero Academia, Initial D and Detroit Metal City but none of them seemed to click. It wasn't until Golden Time, an Anime I watched on my own initiative that I started to become a fan of Anime.
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