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Jan 11, 4:23 AM
Anime Relations: Eyeshield 21, Free!, Haikyuu!!, YURI!!! on ICE
Decade Sport Anime Differences

Sport anime, of this modern anime era, have been noticably more focused on the characters and their relationship with each other, as well as developing fanbases for character shipping, yaoi-vibes and "making da money." In my opinion, sport anime have changed their dynamic and direction from the old school motivated sport anime. In the past, sport anime would consist of characters whom were displaying and conveying stronger evidence of determination and dedication to their sport, rather than just pandering to a fanbase for the extensive reason of creating sequels and as a result, merchandise sales for "that sweet dough."

The modern sport anime I am targeting are mainly Free! and Yuri on Ice. These 2 anime are well-known for their male characters who have muscular/fit physiques. Purposes for this characteristic can include fanservice and/or portraying the top real-life athlete physique in their respective sports. This makes it very unrelatable but in return satisfying for viewers to watch. My main point is that sport anime are starting to lose their relevance with the sport they are involved with. For example, swimming in Free! but with no primary focus on the actual sport but rather the focus has shifted towards the characters friendships. Pretty sure the same thing could be said about Yuri on Ice, but don't quote me on that ;)

(About the next section below: I could have chosen an older sport anime from the 90's, or something older, but I was too lazy to do research and I felt more confident with the one I chose)

An older sport anime I want to mention is, something not too old but old enough to make this comparison, Eyeshield 21, which was only released in the previous decade. Already, if you have seen all the mentioned shows, you can see obvious and distinctive differences between them. In Eyeshield 21, the characters are of variety of shape, size and physique, which makes the anime more inclusive to audiences by showing that anyone can play this sport as long as you know the rules. This is a forgotten thing of modern sport anime to move along the plot as if the "sport element does not matter as much." As a result, the characters are more relatable because it can represent different sizes of human. The major point you should take away from this minor comparison is that modern anime is not focusing enough on promoting the sport, however, you could argue that the publicity of the anime itself promotes the sport and not the content of the actual anime, but then what would be the point of producing 20+ minute episodes that lack focus.

Haikyuu is another sport anime that is on the border between the qualities of an old or new sport anime. It contains both the pandering friendship element of modern anime along with the focus on the sport from older anime. Even though it utilises character development pandering, it does manage to dedicate a lot of screentime to the sport gameplay. That is why it is on the nose and I have no immediate issue with it.

In conclusion, these are just my thoughts on new sport anime and also a reaction to the Crunchyroll Anime Awards being dominated by the Yuri on Ice fanboys/fangirls.

Crunchyroll Anime Awards are stupid because they are based on popularity and not quality. There is no point in calling something "BEST" animation while judging it by a popularity fan vote system.

Yes, I am one of those people who are salty about the Crunchyroll Anime Awards because Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu didn't win anything since it wasn't POPULAR enough :(
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