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Jan 12, 2015 12:22 PM
Anime Relations: Kyoukai no Kanata

This is roughly about how my feelings form.

10. special.
something about this series lifted it above the normal rating scale.
it left unforgettable impression.

9. outstanding.
I enjoyed this series greatly and it left nothing to be missed,
but I didn't possess the ten's magic.

8. likeable.
almost everything in this series was great and loved watching it,
but something small was missing.

7. decent.
this series were above average and I had good time with it,
but it wasn't flawless.

6. moderate.
I think this series is mostly good and
I didn't have trouble making through it.

5. mediocre
this series had something promising,
but it fell flat and is below average.

4. tolerable.
I saw some good elements in this series,
but mostly it was unimpressing.

3. idle.
it had maybe a few good moments,
but otherwice this series were just bad.

2. bland.
almost nothing in this series is to my liking and
it was collectively bad.

1. pathetic.
this series possessed something that made me absolutely hate it and
it's unredeemable for me.

- undecised.
I'm still poundering about this anime's fate.
long thinking period can be either good or bad thing.

I don't have any specific criteria when I rate.

I focus on my thorough experience watching the particular anime. However
there are certain things that matter more than others. They can 'make or break the series
for me.

I'm an artistic person, so art style means a lot to me. However I don't have any particular
favourites, the most important thing is that the style is somehow leaving an impression
and sits well with the concept. Many if my artistical favourites have been newer productions,
but I also love the oldish style in some series.

In some parts this includes to art, but it's still it's own equally important category.
Best example of the details is a scenery. Some people don't think that so important,
but for me, it sets the whole atmosphere. Another thing lies in characters. When they
are detailedly drawn, you can see their emotions better.

Some people don't think the pace as an important thing, but I do. The story needs to
progress in certain pace so the watcher don't get bored. But it's also important
to sometimes slow down and let the emotions build. If the plot forgets the sometimes
stop and is bombarding with action on and on, it loses it's tension.

Especially with characters, the believability is important to me. In physical sense -
how someone is beaten almost in death and then walks away with just a little bruises. If
that person doesn't have any supernormal healing ability, it's just unreal. And [/b]emotionally[/b] -
like how a weak persons turning strong at the snapping of finger, or how an abused
person falls in love with their abusers in few days time. And if there's a war or battle, it's
just fucking unrealistic if people die like flies and all the main characters survive undamaged.

There isn't any ready pattern to explain the hooking phenomenon, the series either
hooks you or it doesn't. It's also important if the hook stays thorought the season.
Those filling episodes many times cause it to broke. The best series get you hooked
in first, or at least in second episode, and don't let you go until after the last episode
(and then hopefully make you feverishly wait for a new season).

I'm quite an emotional creature so it's not awfully hard to make me cry or laugh.
But still the ability to raise strong emotions is important in my books. Tears
doesn't happen by letting some character die, they happen when the story builts successful
tension and emotional ruin around it. Laugh doesn't happen by just making
a joke, it happens when a character surprises you with a sudden, unexpectedly funny

Music collects the scene together and directs the emotions - it is what make
a momet epic. The voice acting is also a crucial point. Mostly you don't pay attention
in it if it's good, but when it's not you notice it immediately. Those characters with irritating
and annoying voices tend to find their way to peoples hate-lists, so the voice really matters.

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