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Jul 21, 2010 2:59 PM
So today I was looking over my Manga List at all of the stuff that I'm currently reading and stuff that I have put on hold. I was mainly looking for things that I might be able to finish off and get into the completed section. But while looking at my list I was reminded of Web Comic GENZO. It was a pretty cool straight from Japan digitally distributed serialized manga magazine what was being translated into English. I heard about the site from ANN way back in June 2005. To me the main draw of the magazine was the newest Hitoshi Tomizawa work, Yumihari. I loved Alien Nine and Milk Closet so I really wanted to read more from him. Well, I downloaded the first English issue of Web Comic GENZO and Yumihari was pretty good. The only other manga that really stood out to me was Under the Rose, but all of the series in the line-up were interesting enough. It was pretty cool to get such fresh and unique manga so quickly from an actual legitimate source.

Sadly after a while (just like with a lot of my physical manga) I ended up getting behind in reading my issues of Web Comic GENZO, but I still bought every issue that came out. But then after only releasing the magazine for a little over a year, the English version took a break and to this day has still not started back up. With the November 2006 issue being the last to release, it's almost been 4 years so far and it kind of feels like a lost cause at this point. It really makes me sad because I really do think it was a cool little magazine.

But it's just the English version of Web Comic GENZO that is all dead and stuff. The original Japanese version is still going, although it has changed over the years. It started off with two separate magazines, then added a third, but then cut down to just one (called Spica) in 2009. Yumihari finished back in the August 2007 issue of the magazine, ending with 4 compiled volumes, just like Milk Closet (and Alien Nine if you include Emulators). I'd really like to read the whole series, but I don't know if it's been getting any scanlation attention. I'll have to check Manga Updates sometime when I'm home (it's blocked at work).

Anyway, it makes me sad that the English version of Web Comic GENZO is on indefinite hiatus, although I try to keep hoping that it may one day return. Aside from that, only thing I really have to mention is that I really should try to finish reading more manga. And it'd also be nice if you could make other Entry Relations in blog posts other than Anime. Manga, Characters, and People would be cool, too. I wonder if anyone has mentioned that to the people who run MAL??
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