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Apr 28, 2012 8:54 AM
May 1st 2012

Up until really early yesterday morning I'd never really thought much of or liked Vocaloids, however upon something interesting I found that there are a few of there songs I like (and quite a few I don't), but I doubt I will ever understand all this hype over Miku...well other than it's like all the things I obsess over only somehow there are three thousand million people who love her.

I am getting very annoyed with my strong blood lust for it can never be settled in this lifetime. Why must we have guns? It would be so glorious to go die on a battlefield if you were piked to death. I really, really don't belong in this time...well I guess there are a couple good things.

I am going to recommend The Name of the Wind again, and compliment Patrick Rothfuss for his amazing ability to make in depth characters.

April 30th 2012

Last day of the month...I feel violent, I need to kill someone. Who should die today?

There is the actual result for the quiz.

So I am a tactican, that is not the least bit surprising, after all it calls to memory every single Fire Embem game I've played.

I am also going to add that if you like fantasy novels you should read The Name of the Wind, the wonders of this series will never cease to amaze me. And Kvothe, how I will forever love him.

April 28th 2012
I took a quiz and they wouldn't let me see the results without posting so lets see...

Aaaaannnd I copied the wrong link. This sucks I will take it again later. Now you have a link to my role play club.
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