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Jun 24, 2010 12:19 PM
Anime Relations: Hoshizora Kiseki
Okay, so recently there was news of this new R1 company called New Voice. There's a thread about them over at Anime On DVD. And it's just really funny. This "company" just came out of nowhere asking for donations to start a "By Fans, For Fans" system of licensing and releasing anime. To start out, their first release was going to be Hoshizora Kiseki, a pretty 'meh' single episode ONA. Their choice of opening title alone gave me no interest in what they were trying to do, but how they were trying to go about things was really weird and interesting (in a train wreck kind of way), so I continued to follow the thread.

You can read the thread yourself, but basically this new company was asking for donations to reach a minimum goal of $3500 to be able to produce this little title for US release, complete with English dubbing. As the thread went on, people became more and more wary about this whole thing until they were all pretty damn sure that this was just a scam, or at the very least a very poorly thought out idea. And in the end, the guy behind trying to make New Voice stopped the project and refunded all the donations he already received (or at least he said he did).

But in all this, it really made me think. Would you really only need $3500 to license and release a single episode ONA/OVA with a dub? And this guy couldn't just finance that himself? Really, if he was serious and wasn't some deadbeat with no decent job he should be able to save up that in less than a year and have no need for donations. As some of the people in the thread said, if he can't handle that himself, he doesn't have any business going into business. Hell, if those figures are true, I should think about starting my own business and putting out a US sub-only release of Pale Cocoon. According to the New Voice cost breakdown, it will only cost me about $2500 to produce, right? =P Sorry for any fans of Hoshizora Kiseki, but that was a really underwhelming anime in my opinion. But I guess I can say at least they weren't trying to release Yonna in the Solitary Fortress. Boy was that lame....

And that is pretty much it. Not that much of a point to this post. Sorry. Just something I found amusing. Until next time....
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