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Dec 22, 2011 8:14 PM
Christmas is finally afoot, so what's one thing to do for the holidays? Watch your favorite stuff and watch movies and shit! OK, since I'm running out of stuff I actually want to watch, I might include an extra subject to the blog, Anime dvds/blu-rays, Manga, and video games? What else can be added to this? Found out next week... Or I might show grabbing things at random again.
Also, no manga section this week, I could have grabbed some, but I'm pretty sure volumes 31 and 32 of Negima can wait, and I would kill someone for a copy of Higurashi volume 15 LOL.

ANIME:Only two titles this time, but be warned, we may have the worst dvd set I bought so far!

For the first time of this blog, I truly regret having bought something, Star Driver part 1 DVD, released by Bandai.

Dear god this set is poorly made, I know I talk shit about Bandai being cheap, but come the fuck on! For starters, it's in a cheap recycled dvd casing, it's practicably flimsy to the touch, and it's a bit confusing why Bandai would put a whole half season on something like this.
But, it only get's worse.
The dvd art is very bland, sure if the cover art is generic then the dvd art would normally follow suit, but the picture on them are blurry as hell, it looks like a freakin bootleg dvd, a bootleg that has Bandai on it, and the product number on it, so it's hilariously legit, and even a bit confusing as both dvd have 1 on them, making you think it's two copies of the first disk (Thankfully that's not the case as in small print, it's says disk 1 and disk 2 on each respective dvd).
Extras include opening and ending theme songs, a trailer for star driver (I don't know either), and a few other trailers... Oh and no dub... Bandai... Sigh...
Do I Recommend It? The dvd? Hell no, I had the chance to grab the blu ray instead, but for some reason I figured the dvd wouldn't be too bad, though the blu ray is only five dollars more than the dvd (I got it at $24.99, which is actually cheaper than online stores right now), so if you care about package, ignore the dvd and go blu ray (At least Bandai has an excuse to go cheap on those).
Next up the re-release of an anime classic, Kino's Journey Complete Collection, released by ADV Films... Huh?

Either Sentai Filmworks is getting lazy or ADV is a zombie publisher at this point, but any who this is your dvd casing (Not recycled hallelujah!) With a better overall package than up above's shit case.
In fact I would say compared to star driver, this dvd set out classes it in almost every way possible, except there's no extras to even speak of (But there's a dub at least).
Do I Recommend It? Yes, it's worth the money ($24.99... Once again what the fuck Bandai!? Something superior is priced the same as your shit), especially if you have yet to watch it (like myself).

OVERALL: Fuck you Bandai, even zombies can put out a better dvd than you guys.

This week barely survives with a C-.

Next week, hopefully I can pick up some manga to talk about for the holidays, different ones aside from Negima.
Posted by artist-retired | Dec 22, 2011 8:14 PM | 1 comments
artist-retired | Dec 23, 2011 11:42 PM
True, or at least was true back in the day, nowadays even their overpriced stuff is light on the bells and whistles that your money paid for (Like the season 2 dvd sets for Gundam 00, 4 episodes for practicably $40.00 is outright criminal!).
VongolaXEspada | Dec 23, 2011 3:12 PM
Bandai overpriced DVDs have the best box sets yet the cheap box sets have the shittest box sets