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Feb 15, 2010 5:02 PM
SecondSpin have reactivated their 'heynow' code. I've ordered more DVDs. READ!

Order #1:

If I'd known SS/Wherehouse had Ys II, I would've ordered it from Wherehouse when I last ordered. I missed it due to the exact title needing to be typed out (or close to it), possibly because of the apostrophe. If I'd looked closer before, I would've noticed the complete Ys box set is listed for $12. :|

NHK 3 came into stock since my last Wherehouse order, which means I'll soon own 1-4 of NHK. At the very least, I can now watch 1-4 without needing my PC, and that's better than nothing!

I don't like paying too much for used DVDs, but in the case of AMG 2-5, I had little choice. Everywhere is out of stock and it's the first AMG S2 volume to go fully out of print. If I'd missed this chance, my chances of ever finishing my collection would've been slim...

'If I See You in my Dreams' was picked up for two reasons: it's an adaptation of an interesting manga and cost next to nothing. Even if I hate it, for so little I won't give a toss.

As for Maetel Legend, I recently got into Galaxy Express. The ML OVA is OOP. You do the math! :D

Edit: The parcel arrived.

Everything is mint/as new. I now have 1-4 of NHK and the complete R1 AMG 2 collection; every case being white.

Order #2:

I vaguely recall Ayarse, in one of his very, very rare actual anime postings, mentioning Kurau. Since it's OOP, cheap and has a good rating, I ordered it.

In the UK, ADV started releasing it... and then died before releasing the final two volumes. So, importing volumes 1-5 + the art box is a better way to go. Providing she's stopped leaking, I'm sure my internet waifu will assist me with the final volume. 75% sure.

Texhnolyze: I own Geneon's volume 2-6 releases, and a shitty, 99p MVM copy of V1. Getting a complete Geneon collection would be nice, and getting a complete art box would be even nicer. The series itself may suck but, at the very least, it can look good on my shelf. :|

Edit: The parcel arrived.

The Texhnolyze art box is perfect, and is one of the nicest looking art boxes I've seen. It makes owning the series seem better.

The Kurau art box is pretty much mint; only some very slight knocks stopping me classing it as new. All five volumes are mint, and all five come with booklets.

Order #3:

Before ordering these, I actually Youtube'd to watch a little of both. My bargain hunting needs made me want to order, regardless of quality, but I don't want any more 1/10 anime... not unless the art box is very nice, in any event.

The Shootfigher box set is called 'The Tough Collection', and it's so manly I just had to order it. HUGE guys killing each other in a ring, coughing up blood, and moves being shouted as they're used - it's too awesome not to buy. The moment I laughed when one guy shouted something like 'HEARTSTOP PALM!!!', I knew I had to order it.

As for Kurogane, it's either going to be a relaxing, easy watch little series or a bit dull. Either way, it didn't strike me as bad, and it's supposed to be underrated. I ordered.

Edit: The parcel arrived.

The Kurogane brick is as new. The only issue is that the first disc picked up a few scratches due to it coming loose en route to me.

The thin Shootfighter set is old looking and a little beaten up. The corners are dented, there's some yellowing and it's kind of... dirty. Going on the cases all having the seals (cut) on the top and bottom of the cases, it was picked up new and just not looked after very well. But, tbh, I expected it to be in used condition; it being quite old and all, and aside from a few scratches to the second disc the contents are mint.

SS aren't in the business of just selling perfect second-hand goods, after all!

Order #4:

And, finally, onto my last order...

A certain woman disguised as a man with a beard has wanted me to watch Giant Robo for awhile. I can't say I'm too tempted, but I ordered it anyway. Why? Because, when I express why I rated it 6/10, I'll more than likely draw another hissy fit out of my love.

(The soundtrack seeming quite good was also a plus point that tempted me. Good music might prevent me from falling to sleep, assuming the lack of imagination extends beyond the very descriptive title.)

Cosmo Warrior is more anime based on what Mr. Harlock came up with. I like his work.

Ping Pong club might be good. If it isn't, I'll just throw away the DVD. Simples.

Innocent Venus: I wasn't going to order it due to its low rating. What changed my mind was it looking sexy and someone comparing it to Code Geass. I found it too hard to resist ordering a complete collection with the art box for so little... :(

Edit: The parcel arrived.

Outside of Giant Robo 3 having some scratches/slight rips on the case plastic, everything is mint. If not for a slight imperfection on the Venus art box, it'd pass for new.

...You see? I DON'T JUST ORDER SHIT BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP! No siree Bob! I put deep thought into everything I buy, Melody of Oblivion aside.


Update 1
I went back and made two more orders, taking my total up to something like $150/£100. What sucks is that it'd be £75 if I'd ordered a year or two ago... :/

Order #5

Best Student Council looks and sounds a little like My-HiME. I had a quick look at the first episode--it seemed like a lot of easy to watch fun.

School girls + nice art + anime + cheap = buy

I decided to buy Human Crossing as soon as I read the basic description of the episodes on the first disc, but an ANN article also helped me decide.


An anime aimed at adults, based on a seinen manga, is fine with me: I started reading manga to find stories that are far closer to reality than most of those animated.

Edit: The parcel arrived.

All of the Best Student Council DVDs are mint and in their original white cases. However, there was a mistake and I got two of the fourth volume instead of volume three.

SS's response, within a few hours of me emailing them:

And, as ever, all three volumes of Human Crossing are mint. Same old, same old...

I can't fault SS: they send fast, they package pretty much everything in boxes of varying sizes, they ship for free AND they have excellent CS. Best store ever?

Order #6:

Moonlight Mile isn't an old release, and the SS price is far cheaper than I can buy it new for.

If it being described as a manly, sex-filled, swearing version of Planetes - an anime I don't hold much love for - wasn't enough incentive, its opening provided enough to get me to order it:

And, finally, Figure 17: it's supposed to be underrated, and it's certainly unknown since I'd never heard of it. Each episode lasts for 40+ minutes, for whatever reason, and that made the first two volumes interesting enough to order.

The other volumes are more expensive, but I'm hopeful they'll drop in price. Since I got the only copies of the first two volumes, I doubt many others will jump in to order them. >:D

Edit: The parcel arrived.

Everything is mint. Someone obviously picked up the MM set new, didn't like it and sold it straight away; which is what I assumed before ordering it.

...Yeah, I think that's more than enough anime for awhile! I've pretty much cleared SS/Wherehouse out. :|

Update 2

I went back... again. ;_;

Order #7:

I'm watching Otome at the minute. A totally random 'Otome' search on SS to see how much they were charging revealed that the OVA had been released in the US, and that SS wanted a fair bit less than the new prices. You can guess the rest!

As for the other two DVDs, they were ordered because... hell, you know what? SCREW TRYING TO JUSTIFY WHY I KEEP ORDERING SECOND-HAND DVDS FROM AMERICA! I didn't want the Otome OVA to get lonely - that's all.

Seven orders at once... I think that's a new record for me. :D

Order #8:

I knew I shouldn't make an EIGHTH order - taking the currency conversion alone up to over £3 (note to self: try harder to make eight into six or seven next time!) - but the opening persuaded me...

The fact an opening involving a turtle laying/pooping eggs and a little girl wearing cat ears 'meowing' tempted me proves how much anime has demented me.

Update 3

Order #9:

I've wanted to watch Phantom's OVA ever since seeing the sloooow Bee Train TV series, and on-holding it. Getting the game with it will be pretty sweet. The price had dropped from $25 to $17 since my last orders.

I've wanted to watch the Area 88 OVA ever since seeing the ok TV series. It not having a game isn't very sweet.

I picked up Cosmo 1 last time, and Cosmo 2 dropped in price since I last ordered.

Order #10:

If I were Fabriluna and ordered from TRS, it'd cost $30 + $12 shipping (amirita?). But, being an Aironic, I decided to go cheaper and get the sets for second-hand for $27.

I've 'sort of' wanted to check it out for awhile, having seen a trailer or two and being attracted by its dark tone. Like I've said before, Gonzo's staff tend to share my taste.

Order #11:

Because Fabriluna is useless, I was forced to order the final volume of Human Crossing myself; it having dropped in price by $1.70 or so since my last orders.

I needed something else to go with it, and Jubei 2's cheap, complete Geneon collection caught my eye. Going on the action and its rating, it'll probably be the worst order of the lot, but it might save itself if the set arrives mint.

Order #12:

Despite it looking like shit and having a shitty rating on MAL, Shallaballa (w/e) Princess has some good review scores. (My attempt at justifying this!)

Phantom Quest Corp is a Geneon release. I enjoyed the other two Geneon OVA releases, and I <3 Geneon DVDs. Perfect logic for ordering.

Alien Nine is ranked alongside Narutaru in the 'disturbing as fuck anime, with kids as leads' rankings. I have to see it to know what all the fuss is about.

Silent Service is the 'srs biz' the adult within me craves, and some guy typed up a multiple paragraph DN recc for it. Sold!

And Cyber City is supposed to be some sort of 'classic'. The three DVD, proper box set was going for next to nothing, and took my order to the limit.

Update 4

Order #13:

When, as ever, randomly clicking through my SS bookmarks, I noticed that SS had dropped a number of prices; price drops I'd been waiting for.

I have Marshmallow 1. 2-3 completes my collection. It has an 8/10 MAL rating and is OOP. So, me ordering them is just logical... right?

I picked up Gun Frontier 1 during my recent SS spree 'cause a Matsumoto western sounds SO fucking cool. 3-4 were double the price before the prices dropped... so, yeah, I ordered them. Hopefully #2 drops in price at some point, too.

Owning Ryvius 3 means I'll own 1-5; needing only 6 to complete my collection. Owning Ayakashi 3 means I'll need only 2 to complete yet another Geneon collection.

Even though my 13th order made sense, and I hadn't started collecting a new title, it did worry me that I'd made yet another order.

Thankfully, Allah heard my concerns and let me off; canceling the one thing I didn't really want and regretted ordering. This pleased me.

Order #14:

The 'If I See You In My Dreams' OVA really 'did it' for me due to its similarity to MI and other rom-com titles. So, naturally, I went in for the sequel-prequel VERY SHORT TV series after watching it.

I needed something else to go with it to make my order work. When looking through SS for new box sets, I noticed they were basically giving away the older, $70 RRP Peach Girl set. With me being a fan of love stories, melodrama and Funimation dubs, I doubt it'll be a waste of money.
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