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Nov 25, 2009 11:26 AM
I got a PS3 about a month ago. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. It's actually been cutting into my anime watching time a little, but I'll survive. I was playing a lot of Soul Calibur 4, but I'm currently obsessed with Folklore. I'm a big RPG fan and this game has just been a total addiction for me.

So ever since I've had the game, before I even started playing it, I've been eyeing the add-ons that are available in the PlayStation Network Store. At first I wanted to finish the game before I got into any extra crap, but last night I thought, what the hell. I went ahead and got the two free ones they have available: a holiday add-on with alternate holiday costumes and a bonus quest for one of the characters and an add-on that was just a little bonus Folk (monster thing you use to fight, for those of you who don't know much about the game). When I started playing the game again I realized that the new quest I downloaded was grayed out. I guess I couldn't select it until I got far enough in the game. After finding that out I figured I might as well go ahead and buy all of the extra quests so I'll have them there to do when I get far enough in the game.

So I went into the PlayStation Network Store and got to the Folklore section. I added the three two-add-on Bundles to the shopping cart and went to the checkout screen. Then, when I tried to add funds to my wallet with my Visa Check Card I got this message:

The credit card information is not valid.

And I was just confused. What the hell?? I've bought stuff on the PlayStation Network before. Some Soul Calibur 4 add-ons and the Critter Crunch puzzle game (which is pretty damn fun, by the way). My card information hadn't changed since then so I didn't know why it was doing this. I went back to check my information, tried it again, and got the same error. I tried three or four times and it just won't work. I looked it up online and apparently it's a somewhat common problem and sometimes it happens for no reason at all.

After fiddling with it a little more last night and this morning and still getting nothing, I decided to screw it for now and just pick up a $20 PlayStation Network Card at Game Stop. I get there, pick out a few new games while I'm at it, and go to the register. I swipe my card and the screen reads: DECLINED

What the hell?!

Yeah, so I have the lady at the store hold my stuff since I barely had any cash on me and I walked over to my bank which was near by. The lady at the bank tells me that my card had been cut off from my account on November 24 (yesterday) due to suspicion of fraud or some crap. Apparently since I kept trying and trying to get my card to work with the PlayStation Network, it looked suspicious and was killed. My PS3 killed my check card....

And it is dead dead. They can't just reconnect my card to my account even though I know exactly why it was disconnected. They have to send me a whole new check card with a whole new number and a new pin. Pretty damn lame. And to make matters worse, I have a bunch of online orders out there that I need to make sure don't get canceled while I'm waiting for my new card and then I'm going to have to update my payment information for all of them when the card does come in and make sure I use my new card at all of the other stores I regularly shop on online. What a pain in the ass. Damn you PlayStation Network!!!

Anyway, while I was at the bank I withdrew $500 to live on while I'm waiting for the new card and so I could go back to Game Stop to buy my crap. I'm downloading my Folklore add-ons as I write this and I will never put a credit card into my PS3 ever again.

The End.
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