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Nov 14, 2011 2:26 AM

You can easily gain access to hundreds of public listings by becoming a member of a car auction listing site. Keeping an old car with you may actually be costing you more money than buying a better quality used car.

If you have been looking around at secondhand car dealerships and have found nothing, you should count yourself lucky! There are many issues to take note of when purchasing cars from secondhand dealers. Besides the high prices, there are also the conniving ones who alter certain statistics of the car, such as mileage, in attempt to cheat you into thinking that it is a good car.

The best place to buy a good car with reliable information and most importantly, at rock bottom prices, would be at government public car auctions Melbourne.

Many people have heard about public car auctions Melbourne or government used car auctions Melbourne but have no idea where to begin searching. Of course, you can simply Google "car auctions Melbourne" and sift through the results. However, if you do it that way, you will end up wasting hours like what you did when searching for a used car at the different secondhand cars dealerships.

Not to mention that many of these used car dealers have themselves put up websites with keywords like government auctions, repossessed cars and so forth to get you into their websites. Again, this will be a waste of time and effort on your part as you will not be able to find a good deal through it.

The best place to find real government used car auctions would be through some software that specializes in searching for such deals. Of course, these software would require you to fork out a small sum of money in order to search through the listings but it is usually below fifty dollars and is definitely worth the price as compared to getting a lousy used car deal.

In these auctions, you will be able to find fantastic deals that you cannot even begin to imagine. Sports car can start at a price of a thousand dollars and trucks at a hundred! Seized car sites such as provide services like car bidding, buy and sell for free. Another site called Gov-Auction also provides online government car auction services. They had great resources to seized vehicles all over the country. For a fee, you can become a member and gain unlimited access to their resources and databases.

Repossessed and seized cars are usually released by the government agencies all year round. Since it cost money and space to store and maintain these vehicles and the government agencies always have a constant surplus of seized cars, they are more than willing to let go of these cars at cheap prices.

In fact, you can buy a cheap used car at government seized auctions for more than 90% off the retail market price. Some of these cars are still in relatively good condition as well.

The trick for making money at car auctions is to buy at minimum and selling at maximum (as in real estate and stocks). However, to achieve success in this field, you have to take the job as a mission making it a point that time is as important as investing money.

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