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Oct 27, 2011 5:48 PM
Anime Relations: "Bungaku Shoujo" Movie
Touko-senpai and all scenes with her: 10/10. They could just have made a romancey slice-of-lifey show with Touko and Inoue hanging out, holding hands, eating books.. and everything would have been fine! Much love for Hanazawa Kana.

Miu and all scenes with her: shit/10. Could just have died the first time around, or at least the second. But nooo.. kept coming back to QQ and ruin everything (for both, the viewer and the story/characters).

The remaining characters didn't even matter.. and were literally a waste of ink and cgi ressources. Okay, Kazushi, Inoues friend, was the quota "halp!"-sidekick that can be found in any romance/drama stories..but here he didn't really do anything at all. The only thing that goes for the other hospitalized girl was that she owned Miu with a bucket of water.. but her confessing her feelings to the main character made as much sense as the story of a $2 harem-type eroge.

All in all, even though 100 minutes seemed a tad long for this story, I wouldn't call it a waste of time. Mostly because of Hanazawa Kana, her character, and the generally high production values of this movie. Add to this a (sort of) happy end, and I can safely recommend Bungaku Shoujo to everyone who like anime and/or a good story. 8/10.

PS: The synopsis of Bungaku Shoujo here on MAL is stupid and misleading.
PPS: I can imagine the novels to be an even better experience than the movie, two out of 13 are already available in English. Too bad I don't really have time or motivation to pick up yet another light novel series. Must finish those that I have!
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