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Oct 19, 2011 3:11 PM
Anime Relations: Hunter x Hunter, Hunter x Hunter (2011)
I am now continuing my coverage of Hunter x Hunter and comparing and contrasting the old and new Anime adaptations to the actual Manga, among other things. My first entry, which covers Chp1, Ep1-2 & Ep1 (part one) is here.

Chapter Four ~ Manga

The trio heads through a forest, following a bunch of signs. Eventually, they get to the place they are to meet up with the couple, where the wife is suddenly kidnapped. Kurapika and Gon take chase, while Lerorio takes care of the son. Gon hits the one monster, then takes off after him. Kurapika is approached by Lerorio and hits him in the face because he wasn't supposed to leave an injured man and he thus find out it is a monster. Anyways, Gon recognizes that the beasts are the same person, Kurapika understands the tattoo on the woman's arm. Lerorio is praised for his kindness and care, and they are told they will be brought to the actual test site.

Episodes Five~ Original Adaptation

While most of the plot stayed the same, there was stuff added in for filler. One of the things that happened is the group tries to cross a swamp because the trail crosses it and Lerorio ends up rowing fast because a beast pops up. Then, Lerorio doesn't stay with the patient, but goes and gets medical herbs, and he actually recognizes the person as an imposter in this version. Also, Gon chases the monster to the river and two things he says stands out. First, is that the monster has no reason to attack him rather then his line of “Who are you?” and he comments on how they changed places at the river, which never happened in the Manga.

Episodes Two (part two) ~ New Adaptation

Again, this episode is exactly like the Manga pretty much with maybe a few different word changes.


Hands down, the new adaptation is closer. Also, while the filler is interesting, I personally think that Lerorio's characterization in the filler was yet again OoC. The first thing is, the episode with the swamp paints him as a coward that he is not, and the second change underminds one of his personality traits, that he a lot of what happens to him runs on luck.

Score: 1-3; 0-4
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