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Sep 29, 2008 8:12 PM
4 that the job market has to know sneaks the rule greatly
Sneak rule 1, don't make excessive demands on the 100% justice

Show the rule and tell us do things under the fair and just principle, will sneak the rule but say that can't make excessive demands on the superior fairly and justly in handling matters, especially the boss has privilege even more.

XiaoMing Sun enter company make planning department at the executive, salary, enjoy of different class treatment just. She learns the mobile phone fee that the administration is in charge of Zhao Ping reimbursed the cost unexpectedly in chance of a chance, this makes her very recalcitrant! Think Zhao that sit, into company, listen to her work with Mobile connection never everyday while being flat, why can offer the fee of communication? No way, she wants to strive for to the boss too! Then Sun XiaoMing takes the opportunity of reporting the work and files an application with boss, the boss is very surprised after hearing, say support crews all have fee of communication? "But Zhao Ping has! Her expenses reimburse the cost, it is said it is still not low. " The boss hears and hesitates: "Right? I know. "

One this understand two month, superior reply let it be too, and XiaoMing Sun telephone expenses of more than 100 yuan in every month normally, strive to fight for nothing meaning. But just she, with Zhao Ping more energetically, sees a boss have no sound, she angry and detests, can't help complaining with the colleague at last, but come to the point of the nature's mystery by others: "What is it about you know Zhao Ping's mobile phone fee? That boss little secret telephone, borrow flat name Zhao only, the shopkeeper wife so as not to act as half a family questions. On you being silly, unexpectedly want to talk about level with this and boss, is not it to court death? "

Grandson Xiao Ming frighten in a cold sweat, dark to feel guilty, know high or low prices depth secretly! No wonder the boss has seen oneself always knit one's brows! She would never dare to withdraw the thing of the fee of mobile phone, was not covet either while seeing Zhao Ping from then on.

Point out outside the field: It is too fair to often have a good result to pursue simply, " pursue the truth " Just the the getting apter too disagreeable in envoy,sometimes, representation that you know, perhaps can not become the evidence or reason appealed, as to this you needn't feel aggrieved, wait for you to understand the operation culture of the company in depth, is familiar with the boss' behavior style slowly, can just see and can not spoil strangely.

Sneak the rule 2, Mo He's colleague's money exchanges

Sneak rule tell us want, help each other friendliness of uniting among the colleague, sneak but rule say it is everyone that can regard as, lend money people.

One kind is named " Colleague " Interpersonal relationships,hindrance job market the funds of li exchanges.

Customer's director SUNNY has been as awkward Yang Bai of once has worked! It is the end of the month that time, it is exactly the painful time most difficult to delay of this kind of moonlight goddess of hers, just run into to pay the rent also, SUNNY embarrasingly short of money has to apply to colleague LILY for help, opens one's mouth to borrow the money for the first time, LILY is not easy to refuse naturally, help her to solve the matter of great urgency very delightedly, but 3000 yuan can not be paid off for the moment, short of money SUNNY have to have the nerve to ask others to extend the deadline again and again, for the last time, LILY answered SUNNY and said that does not worry, handed in and studied the fee of musical instrument to spend money for the daughter a few days ago, but I had already tried every possible means. SUNNY the cruel express one's gratitude repeatedly,after " meddler " Point out actually others are hinting you return the money, besides, do you have one's body covered with a famous brand that will not arise this 3000 yuan? Whose letter is it? Hinting obliquely at the repudiating a debt of SUNNY in outside. How uncomfortably SUNNY did not mention in the heart, would find classmates and dismantle the wall and mend the hole at once the next day, it calculates to be shy to cover, the bad public praise will sow in the future this layer temporarily just, but SUNNY wants not to dare to think either.

Point out outside the field: Really, who lets this year be popular to put the cart before the horse, it was the grandfather that owed a debt, it was the grandson that was sold on credit! " colleague " It is that by earning money and the undertaking go to the revolutionary companion of for the purpose, though is warmer than the stranger, but not looked like the friend eventuallying has morality and justice that assists each other, has left these three points of ground of 0.067 hectares of office, do not still leave and go straight towards the things each.

So if does not want the relation with colleague to misplace or lose flavour, don't borrow the money with the colleague.
Sneak the rule 3, chat the soft rib to be avoided the superior too

Show the rule and tell us " Do not mention and does not talk about people " ,Sneak the rule and deepen it " Mention and does not talk about people " ,Because has lacked one " Not " The word, the chance to just make an indiscreet remark little.

Market manager MONICA of the head office comes to office to inspect for the first time, asks department's colleague to have a meal together at noon, speak of vice president Wang Lin that one have just left office during the feast, enter the duty just LINDA and say Lin Wang has a bad temper, it is very difficult to get along. MONICA says, does it cause feeling blue that her working pressure is too great? LINDA say it is for me not to think, over 30 years old woman marry off, marry, have no boyfriend no, spinsters are all such psychopathology.

Heard and listened to this speech, the people who fell over each other to make a speech just now all closed the mouth. Because except LINDA, those old staff present can know: MONICA is the old maid staying in the boudoir waiting to be betrothed too! Fortunately a colleague turns back the topic in time, just erase MONICA indistinctly and embarrassedly, and learn LINDA of the truth for the repentant blue and green intestines of this sentence afterwards.

Point out outside the field: Say least said, soonest mended, might not have no fault to can speak and lack either, if the wrong place and wrong target said a sentence of big truth which involves the concrete personnel in wrong time, that consequence is really born to make an indiscreet remark.

Sneak the rule 4, don't offend the mediocre colleague

The colleague showing the rule and telling us to respect work hard is worth respecting and studying, sneak the rule but has widened " Diligent " With " respect work " Epitaxy,it offend either colleague on it it says to be the sluggish idle and leisurely.

Thought the person of the company of foreign enterprise was keen and wise one by one, who knows Wei Ying overcoming all the difficulties in the way got tickets to see, Haha! Just so so: The front desk secretary is busy with making the fashion show all day, Xiao Zhang of the sales department comes to leave early at night of everyday, see him bring back one list either 3 month, have statistician to be beautiful and beautiful, whole one stay idle, there is one every day's work: Count the lunch cost of 203 staff of the whole factory. God! Wei Ying exclaims: Has never expected that has entered e-era, there are wild cranes of drifting clouds like this.

Go administration department let A tinkling of pieces of jade lead stationery that day, it is beautiful to come on neck even while being beautiful for Xiao Zhang to accompany, having had a file left finally, Wei Ying vied for saying smiling to have first first. Beautiful and beautiful and very unhappy, she say where you have just been here so many file will be put? Wei Ying is recalcitrant, " do you have? Make a report form and do on nothing every day, what files do you have? " Listen to words this show beautiful to pull a long face immediately, A tinkling of pieces of jade mediate a dispute at once, rob file pass beautiful and beautiful in lustrous and transparent chest Wei.

Wei is lustrous and transparent the air gets back to the seat moaning, Xiao Zhang comes in carrying a cup of tea leisurely: "How MEIMEI,is there anything not convinced? If I tell the business that her younger aunt gives our company 5 million every year of your show show " Then gone yawning. Afternoon, A tinkling of pieces of jade is send here a new file by Wei Ying, apologizes to Wei Ying continuously, she says she can not offend beautifully and beautifully, that is a favourite follower in boss' eyes, do not dare to offend Xiao Zhang either, because he has extensive social relationships, many departments must all ask him to help, moreover the household can bring back the big form of a few governments every year. Ying Wei say that you offend I, A tinkling of pieces of jade afford to frighten: Dare not, I can not offend everyone here.

Wei Ying has heard, can not take words out of the mouth in quite a while.

Point out outside the field: Use one's head Wei lustrous and transparent to can understand slightly in fact: Boss fool, never can make people white collar salary groundlessly, those seemingly idle mediocre colleague, maybe taking on the fireman's glorious task, at crucial moment, the boss is needing them to dash forward. So, must not be hard on them, in fact you can not offend either.
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