Souryo, Fuyumi

Souryo, Fuyumi

Given name: 冬実
Family name: 惣領
Birthday: Jan 6, 1959
Member Favorites: 140
Also known as Souryou, Fuyumi; Soryo, Fuyumi.
Birthplace: Beppu, Ooita, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
Gender: Female
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Eden de Aou
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ES - Eternal Sabbath
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Mars: A Horse with No Name
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Onaji Kurai Ai
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Souryo Fuyumi Masterpiece Collection - Cactus
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Souryo Fuyumi Masterpiece Collection: Owaru Heart Janee
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Taiyou no Ijiwaru
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Tennen no Musumesan
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Kaizoku_Mugiwara | 03-23-15, 9:39 AM
After all the stupid things that get made into anime, why hasn't Mars been made into an anime? It would be amazing!

Azeneth90 | 03-12-14, 7:24 AM
I love Mars! The story reminds me of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou. It is intense and emotional, and makes me want to believe that true love exists! The art in this manga is also beautiful! XD

Papillionsrus | 02-10-14, 5:48 AM
She is one of my favorite manga-kas.
I have read all of Mars, ES, and Cesare. I loved all three of them and would love to continue reading her works. She specializes in psychological depth and character analysis. Her plots and artwork are both unique and incredibly beautiful as well. <3

grsh | 01-17-14, 4:11 AM
So far I only red ES and reading Cesare, both awsome. I'm gonna try reading more from this author, she does great job in both art and story. True talent!

ObsessedAsian | 07-02-13, 2:11 PM
I just finished MARS-awh the warm feeling in me heart :) I love the artwork, it is rather amazing!

Sweetcaspia | 05-13-12, 6:00 AM
loved Mars & ES c:

Manu_ | 02-20-12, 7:49 PM
Mars has to be the most artistic and interesting manga ive ever read, great artist

live2win | 06-03-11, 11:37 PM
Fascinating. Taiyou no Ijiwaru was one of the best collection of short stories I'd ever read.

Lija-chan | 03-20-11, 1:49 AM
Eternal Sabbath and MARS were masterpieces.
I especially LOVE ES. The psychological plot made me so drawn to the series. Same goes with MARS.
It's just regretful that ES was short, or rather, rushed. I was hoping it would have more than 100 chapters until it would be done. I mean, I've just read it yesterday, and the ending haunted me in my dreams, but I did not fear it...I even welcomed the ideas that came flooding in. But alas... /sigh.

I've yet to read any of her other works...but I'm planning on Cesare sometime :']

staypee | 11-20-10, 7:10 PM
i love mars!!

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