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Binbou Hime desu ga, Nani ka? add
Midorigafuji Academy is the most prestigious all-girls school for the richest of families. Your performance here heavily influences your social status and money speaks lo... read more.
Classical Medley add
In the kingdom of Classical, an ancient evil is unleashed! A ceremony held once every 100 years has kept the entity imprisoned inside of a mystical orb. But when the evil... read more.
Deka Kyoushi add
A teacher's body is discovered on the ground. Did she jump from the building or was she pushed? Toyama, a burly but kind-hearted detective, goes undercover to find out th... read more.
Genryuu Butouden: Origin add
Jin's a happy, irresponsible high school kid with extraordinary powers. The problem is, they only show up once a month. He's got a great group of friends, including the a... read more.
Haiyore! Super Nyaruko-chan Time add
This side story of "Haiyore! Nyaruko-chan" focuses on their daily life. The deity from Lovecraftian mythos, Nyarlathotep, has come to Mahiro in the form of a young girl. ... read more.
Hitomi no Photograph add
Aihara Haruka moved to a small town in the middle of the second year in high school. Far from all the life she had in big cities, she wanted to start a blog. For content... read more.
Hyakko add
Hyakko is a slapstick comedy which follows the lives of four high school girls as they get into various hijinx.
Inakami add
Okishiro Nagi leaves Tokyo to find her sister, who he hasn't seen for twelve years. Unfortunately, she lives in a very mountaineous place. So on his way, he sees a....mon... read more.
Kenkou Shoujo Riku add
A village where humans and demihumans (half-human animals) coexist. This village is home to Riku, a young girl skilled in the martial arts who can make her fists as hard ... read more.
Kotokoto.: Ko to Kotou add
Aoko Nagisa is a brand new teacher. She's posted to a tiny island on the edge of Japanese territory called Kotoko Island, 30 hours by boat from Tokyo. The island is so sm... read more.
Leader's High! add
Daichi's father is the principal at a school for budding young magicians, but Daichi couldn't care less about magic. When his parents abruptly disappear, Daichi is shocke... read more.
Megane na Kanojo add
Short stories where heroines try to hide themselves behind their glasses. Will they be able to find love anyway?
Miko to Kagaku no Uso Happyakuman add
Tadasu Seiji is in charge of the temple in a small town at the age of 17 and he is surprised when he learns that he has a niece named Madoka M. Frandoll from the US and t... read more.
Negative Twin-Tower! add
Hyoudou Kaname and Shishido Makoto are two abnormally tall (over 180 cm!), sharp-eyed high school girls. That, in addition to Kaname's emotional instability and violent o... read more.
Neko Mokoro add
Okujou-hime add
Mayu and Nobu have been best friends ever since they where kids, always the best buddies. Along with them is the other childhood friend, introverted Yuiko who always has ... read more.
Otometal! add
Pupipo! add
Himeji Wakaba is a 5th year elementary school student, and she has the ability to see things that others can't. They are mostly frightening evil spirits, and they tend to... read more.
Rampage add
China: 184 A.D., a time of great turmoil. A young drifter named Zhang Fei stumbles upon a slaughtered village and encounters the volunteer army of Liu Bei. He joins them ... read more.
Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson add
In a place called Polyphonica, humans and spirits live side by side. Young musicians create magical sounds with their music, which binds the spirits to them. A struggling... read more.
Shiratama Shoujo add
To seek a quieter and happier life as an ordinary high school girl, Tsubura's just moved from a big city to her grandmother's house in the countryside. On the first day a... read more.
Suihelibe! add
A boy-meets-alien-girl story with an academic twist, the series follows a bookish biology student whose encounter with an extraterrestrial turns him into an alien hunter.... read more.
Tenshi no Drop add
Botan Ichige has just enrolled in St. Asmaria All-Girl's School where angels are said to live. It turns out that angels do indeed live there, and after an accident, an an... read more.
Watashi ga Oneechan Nan Dakara ne! add
Takatsuki Misora is a 15 year old high school freshman with one glaring problem: her height. She is extremely short and is often mistaken for an elementary student and he... read more.