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Volume 14??

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12-04-08, 7:45 PM

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I need help! I'm so lost and confused. When I go on wikipedia and search for DNAngel it says that there are only 13 volumes of manga and that's all I've ever been able to find. 13. BUT the story doesn't end there and a bunch of websites say that the manga is still continueing. So where is volume 14?? And when is it coming out?
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01-01-10, 12:20 PM

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the reason vol14 took so long to come out is because it was put on-hold
Sugisaki Yukiru-san tends to go off and on with her work

the continuation of Vol14 started getting published again last month
(well, as of today, technically Dec 2009 is last year LOL)

read here (eng scanlations)
check every two weeks or so for updates

hope this helps
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07-24-11, 4:18 PM

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Vol. 4l was released this month in Germany. I don't know if there are plans for releasing vol. 4 in english yet
06-26-13, 9:57 PM

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Is that true?? Man I had no idea and I love this series... ;_;