Code:Breaker FanClub's Comments

Yozora_Hikari | 02-17-13, 7:32 AM
are this club is in hiatus? lol

the anime's is not like i've imagine.. got dissapoint it.. (!!^^)a

hey all.. :3

IchigoHollowfi | 06-20-12, 3:23 AM
first trailer is out! :D

OwNoez | 03-15-12, 3:15 PM
anime is coming around end of 2012 i heard if so i can die happy after watching it xD i'm so happy i came across the manga :P its my favourite now <3

starcherryx | 06-13-11, 2:16 PM
I love Code:Breaker! My favorite manga <3

IchigoHollowfi | 05-31-11, 2:31 PM
i LOVE this manga, its awesome! i read 100 chapters in 1 day! xD cuz i couldnt stop! i cant beleive not many ppl know about it, i think it should be up there with bleach, naruto, onepiece etc! its that good! is dead...TT.TT

CB rocks!!!!!

incarnate | 10-20-10, 9:11 PM
just finish reading the whole thing until the latest chapter 108 for almost a! oh god, now I have to wait for the next chapters to be released..I hate waiting.. ): but this manga is great!'s EPIC! well, I guess I have no choice then but to wait..hmp! I wish I had found this later when it's completed...

and they should make this into an anime! it would be awesome!!! :3

CodeSaint | 11-16-09, 11:39 AM
Just read the chapter 67 raw and looks the things will get fire!

BlasianAngel | 11-15-09, 4:29 PM
patiently awaiting the next chapter!

CodeSaint | 09-05-09, 7:44 PM
You will like even more the manga,up to the last chapter(57).

jkc519 | 09-04-09, 11:08 PM
this manga is hella tight...LOL

311 | 07-13-09, 10:04 AM
I'm so loving this manga, and I never read manga, but I can't help with this one :D

gmlen | 07-04-09, 7:13 PM
ohayo minna-san!!!

CodeSaint | 06-10-09, 9:20 AM
Good to meet you too,shin-chae you have a very good taste for manga.

shin-chae | 06-10-09, 8:44 AM
OMG! I wouldn't have expect code: breaker had a club too. Amazing! I love this manga, principally yuuki-kun and ero toki-kun hehehe \(^.^) nice to meet you guys!