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InuyashaKurosaki | 10-30-12, 7:26 PM
ahem... this club is dead as dead can be... XD

Hat-and-Clogs | 06-06-12, 8:26 AM
Hey, What's up? :D

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 9:18 AM
i can find that to the 1,000th point

Hat-and-Clogs | 04-05-12, 9:11 AM
i can... i can find all the numbers of pi!

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 8:49 AM
i can find the cubed root of that number!

Hat-and-Clogs | 04-05-12, 7:34 AM
i can do better than divide by zero i can find the square root of a negative number!
>:D oh right....
Haha well i do always talk to you :P

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 6:26 AM
Oh by far, not dividing by zero, but in fact a number that is Infinitesimal.

Mad hatter, i mean look, how can you argue with that face?

by the way i commented on my brothers profile.

Hat-and-Clogs | 04-05-12, 6:22 AM
you're just not as epic didviding by zero am i correct? :P

wendy? wtf?

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 6:04 AM
oh yeah, you can't argue with Wendy, i mean, just look at her!

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 6:02 AM
well I don't divide by zero, because i dont need to



Hat-and-Clogs | 04-05-12, 5:45 AM
you're not Chuck Norris, just admit it! :P

InuyashaKurosaki | 04-05-12, 4:35 AM
wel like i said before, i AM chuck norris so i also have a third fist but contrary to rumours, it's actually in my hair, not my beard...

Hat-and-Clogs | 04-05-12, 3:51 AM
lol you two are idiots, only the best can divide by zero. ie. myself :P

InuyashaKurosaki | 04-05-12, 1:30 AM
no. =P

valaurelius | 04-05-12, 1:21 AM
no. =P

divide that by 0

InuyashaKurosaki | 04-04-12, 11:54 PM
ok then
(abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ha! or the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. thats another way to recite the alphabet so ha ha... ha!)
____________________________________________________________________________ 0
You happy?

valaurelius | 04-04-12, 10:44 PM
very nice =P
but you didn't divide by 0

InuyashaKurosaki | 04-04-12, 9:24 PM
or the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
thats another way to recite the alphabet so ha ha... ha!

valaurelius | 04-04-12, 7:50 PM
i bet you cant!
well, maybe you can but i can umm......Recite the alphabet! (winner right there =P)

InuyashaKurosaki | 04-04-12, 6:34 PM
oh yeah well i'm chuck norris so i can divide by 0

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