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TanukinoGokei | 02-23-15, 2:49 AM
I'm not a sakuga fan nor a studio fan but i was surprised when i found out that i've seen twice as much anime from Madhouse than from the 2nd most watched studio by me (which is Production I.G. btw).
There is something about them that usually makes me pleased with their anime.

Lancelot2 | 11-17-13, 6:37 PM
Some highlights of the commpany: Texhnolyze, Tatami galaxy, Trigun, Millennium Actress, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Nana, Monster, Kaiji, Casshern Sins, Chobits, Chihayafuru, and Paradise Kiss. (Also, feel free to add more if you like)

Killua1102 | 06-08-13, 6:27 PM
Well, MadHouse can add another masterpiece to their list with Hunter x Hunter 2011 :3

zetsu_shoren | 04-03-13, 10:17 PM
MADHOUSE is getting help from MAPPA which also has the same founder. What happens then

zbignew | 03-29-13, 7:41 PM
Why in the fucking shit did they have to make HOTD?

tommy73 | 02-13-13, 7:23 AM
@chirale - me too, love it

chirale | 02-11-13, 1:59 PM
Just finished the Tatami was awesome and finally original:

GlassShadow | 10-21-12, 10:06 PM
Woah, I can't believe no one's posting about Btooom! But anyways, this should be a good season for Madhouse. Let's warm the place up~!

Brand | 02-05-12, 9:46 AM
That is pretty cool, I'd love to see something like that. I was fortunate enough to meet Satoshi Kon at a showing of Paprika in Washington DC a few years ago. It is a very fond memory and it was great to see Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika as they were meant to be seen in a theater with an audience. I had seen Tokyo Godfathers several times before hand and while I liked the movie this experience really made me love the movie.

Aecobob | 02-04-12, 12:56 PM
Dead club is dead but I'll post anyway.

During this past week, there was an awesome Satoshi Kon -retrospective tour in three towns of Finland. They showed all of his movies on movie theaters for free of charge. I lived in one the towns where the retrospective was hold at so of course I attended.

I had seen Perfect Blue before and knew that it was good but the three other movies were new to me. I really liked them all and in Paprika Madhouse shined as an studio, what an audiovisual treat! Kon passed away way too early, he was an awesome director.

Mormegil | 09-29-11, 6:50 AM
I wonder how the new Hunter x Hunter is going to turn out for them.

vinicius11 | 09-20-11, 4:38 PM
The adventure of Madhouse in USA. In portuguese

saiyagok | 09-10-11, 5:40 PM
I don't know if people care this suggestion to MAL, ( if someone is interested please leave a comment, if you think is good or not, is ok, thanks!

saiyagok | 07-18-11, 5:38 PM
haiya to everyone! new member here >_<

Brand | 04-18-11, 8:34 AM
I was pretty sadden to hear about this. I've enjoyed a lot of his works over the years. I've heard him described as the "best anime director you never heard of." Many of the techniques in use he pioneered, and much of his signature directing style has been copied or parodied over the years. Another great director lost.

Rosa_FOEtida | 04-18-11, 8:21 AM
To to revive this club in order to mourn the death of Osamu Dezaki. Without him, there wouldn't be any Madhouse Studios at all because he was the one who founded Madhouse.

Rest in peace.

Seasonreaper | 08-26-10, 8:06 AM
I trust in Madhouse that they'll do whatever they can to get it released.

Brand | 08-26-10, 7:41 AM
I really hope we get to see Kon's last movie. Ugh, thinking about this is still depressing.

ElemenT | 08-26-10, 1:56 AM

MaxCrank | 08-24-10, 2:48 PM
Sad, indeed...

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