The Court of Souls: A Bleach RP's Comments

viper911 | 3 hours ago
wow not to the bumping phase already

MikuIzumi | 6 hours ago

Tamoball | 04-22-14, 3:48 PM
bump for a third time.

Tamoball | 04-22-14, 12:30 AM
bump again

Tamoball | 04-20-14, 6:41 PM

Tamoball | 04-18-14, 4:18 PM
@Miku: I'm not taking meds for it (one of them WAS prozac, actually)

MikuIzumi | 04-18-14, 8:58 AM
@tamo true but some medicines dont block stuff and give stuff instead like for example prozac gives seratonin to balance out your sararonin levels maybe your just taking the wrong meds but then again im not a doctor so could be wrong i just dont like seeing friends sad or deppressed

Shin_Sekai | 04-17-14, 3:12 PM
@Dragon There there. You'll be alright :P

Dragon360 | 04-17-14, 2:51 PM
@shin: hahaha yeah i'm meant read. thanks for acknowledging my existence *cries in the corner*

Shin_Sekai | 04-17-14, 2:07 PM
@Dragon Do you mean has anyone read the new chapter?

@Miku Fair enough

Tamoball | 04-17-14, 11:35 AM
@Miku: Everyone's brains are different and medicine actively blocks the brain from producing certain chemicals.
I couldn't feel anything EXCEPT FOR depression.

MikuIzumi | 04-17-14, 7:35 AM
@shin medicine may not fix all your problems but it may work for Tamo and it definitely solves all my problems just saying that just because someone doesn't like medicine doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone other wise they wouldn't have it

@jyenh I had same problem awhile ago but they mostly made me sleepy so eventually they stopped giving them to me

@tamo I can't understand how something designed to make you less depressed makes you more depressed but oh well just thought it was worth a try I hope you get less depressed soon

Jyenh | 04-17-14, 1:31 AM

Dragon360 | 04-16-14, 5:55 PM
Has anyone watched bleach chapter 577......all i'm saying is daaaaamn

Shin_Sekai | 04-16-14, 4:00 PM
@J Well good. Yeah Bax was telling me they screwed up Mal last time they got hacked and haven't bothered to fix it.

Jyenh | 04-16-14, 3:24 PM
ah, i had to take some behaviour modifying meds...they had the opposite effect as well as gave me hot and cold chills. yay for autism~

@tamo: fair enough.

@shin: Yes. Yes I indeed do. I even draw more picks for my charas now, though i think my latest one was never put on here.

Shin_Sekai | 04-16-14, 2:37 PM
@Miku Medicine does not solve all your problems.... I thought we had already discussed this :/

Tamoball | 04-16-14, 2:16 PM
Anti-depressants actually make me more depressed...nonstop.

Tamoball | 04-16-14, 2:15 PM

MikuIzumi | 04-16-14, 2:00 PM
Tamo how come your so depressed and why not take medication for depression

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