The Court of Souls: A Bleach RP's Comments

viper911 | 03-25-15, 5:41 AM
I shall conquer alll

Morraren | 09-11-14, 11:32 PM
hahaha seems understandable. Ah and i need your opinion on my character its not done yet though.

MikuIzumi | 09-11-14, 4:37 PM

You see...the shinigami die and become the ninja, then the pirates eat the ninja, then the shinigami rise from the pirate's bodies once they die at sea~

MikuIzumi | 09-11-14, 4:35 PM
Lol it's the cycle of life

Jyenh | 09-11-14, 4:33 PM
although, at the moment this club is inactive, everyone's popped over to the naruto RP. It's a cycle. :/

Jyenh | 09-11-14, 4:32 PM
ello ello, welcome.

Morraren | 09-11-14, 10:10 AM

Jyenh | 08-01-14, 8:12 AM
grading threads? should be. i need ma exp.

Shadow543 | 08-01-14, 4:38 AM
Is that still a thing?

Jyenh | 08-01-14, 2:51 AM
sooo. who wants to grade my thread? =P

Jyenh | 07-31-14, 11:32 PM
I plan to have him become trapped in hueco mundo

Tamoball | 07-31-14, 9:28 PM
He'll have to recapture Minna.

Jyenh | 07-31-14, 4:25 PM
It will be chocked up to the 'if' clause. IF the guards had done their duty and released him instead of keeping him against all legal rights, then this would not have happened, THUS the guards are to blame for their own demise and the release of criminals. HOWEVER, as Shyen was still a catalyst, he will now have to retrieve all of the prisoners. :)

And wasn't one of his superiors, different squads.

MikuIzumi | 07-31-14, 9:54 AM
How come he's supposed to be released and also even if he was supposed to be released he won't now that he caused to much damage and almost killed one of his supiors in his escape attempt

Jyenh | 07-30-14, 10:11 PM
@miku: Realism. It's the first fight my guy had using his zanpakutou. That, and he was supposed to be released from maggot's nest a few days prior to the happenings in the thread. XD

MikuIzumi | 07-30-14, 6:38 PM
Just Read your thread j how come you knocked your self out like that now you will be captured again or worse

Jyenh | 07-28-14, 3:21 AM
There we go...all finished...albeit a bit rushed.

Why am I broken now? O.o

Shadow543 | 07-28-14, 2:25 AM
Wat. Who broke J?

Psynergi | 07-28-14, 2:04 AM

Jyenh | 07-28-14, 2:04 AM
time to burn my thread to the ground! >=D

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