-- Death the Kidd --'s Comments

13sweetcandy | 02-04-10, 7:25 AM
im the same as Weanimegeeks. i saw that there was very little members and thought i would join. i love death the kid so much. im am also another big fan XD

Weanimegeeks | 01-31-10, 12:40 AM
Hello guys... Nice club u have here.. When i saw this club's name n there's only three members, there and then, i made my decision 2 join u guys. Hope this club will be fun. And yeah, im death the kid fan 2.

sakura421 | 11-27-09, 8:50 AM

DeathdKid | 11-07-09, 12:43 AM
Hi to all Kidd's Fan... Hope you choose this Fun Club... tahnx

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