Slayer 's Comments

panda-sensei | 11-05-11, 12:41 PM
Czyżby pan też z tych rejonów ?

PilariousD | 10-15-11, 3:44 AM
Pozdrawiam laskę ze Szczecina.

panda-sensei | 09-04-11, 6:43 AM
Pozdrawiam drogiego rodaka : >

PilariousD | 02-18-11, 3:08 PM

Die_Mann | 04-20-10, 2:43 PM
Cool club !!! Slayer forever !

slayerizedcarol | 11-24-09, 1:51 PM
what. the .fuck.

all i got from that was slayer and fucking :| haha what are you talking about?

AngelMJ0520 | 11-23-09, 7:12 PM
Slayer is a fucking Anit + IF u no what mean so yea he awsome but i am the one u see C= X D.

Devil | 11-23-09, 7:15 AM
Slayer, Fucking Hell Yeah!

Infinite_Xanadu | 11-05-09, 9:35 AM
I am a club saver :]
I got it all.
No problem x]

slayerizedcarol | 11-04-09, 2:08 PM
haha!!! you just saved this club, you are an administrator now, I'll try my best to make this fun or whatever the hell it's supposed to be, just a simple club to talk about the good and bad things about slayer. Invite whomever you want do what you want but let's just communicate it with each other okay? yes okay thanks xD

Infinite_Xanadu | 11-04-09, 10:57 AM
This has made my day :]
Only 2 members? Disapointing.
We shall make Slayer the best music club on here! :D