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Mladen | 12-08-12, 8:16 PM
We should keep it alive then :D
And I agree, downloaded ones are better in quality, it's just that I am too lazy to wait for download, and when I feel like watching anime, I need to do it right then... so waiting is not an option xD
Btw, some streams have really good quality.

Warphate | 12-08-12, 7:07 PM
Mladen and Tomya
I see that you have turned this gloomy club into quite a lively one :)
well for instance downloaded ones are of better quality!

Mladen | 12-08-12, 1:47 PM
I used to download anime, but yea.. takes too much space, and why even bother when I can watch it online much quicker and easier ^^

Saber120 | 12-08-12, 1:41 PM
oh I download all my anime but it sumtimes takes too much space

Mladen | 12-08-12, 1:30 PM
Yea, yourupload. Site for streaming videos :D

Saber120 | 12-08-12, 12:50 PM

Mladen | 12-08-12, 11:58 AM
I have a similar problem. I am rewatching Death Note and yourupload is messing with me :P
And I don't like using any other mirror, so it's annoying >.<

Saber120 | 12-08-12, 11:09 AM
kk Maki Im the same trying to watch Mirai Nikki on VLC Media Player but the image gets all blocky sometimes its pissing me off cuz I really want to watch it lol

Mladen | 12-08-12, 9:48 AM
I am fine, little bored... how are you? ^^

Sure, you can call me just Mladen or call me Maki, that's my nickname :D

Saber120 | 12-08-12, 8:31 AM
arigato how are you MladenNS95? could I call you something shorter? lol Its kinda hard for me to pronounce

Mladen | 12-06-12, 10:40 AM
Welcome, Tomoya ^^

Saber120 | 12-06-12, 10:00 AM
Hello my name is Tomoya_Okazaki12 I sometimes go by BRS, Itachigo, or Soul I hope we become good friends

madhatter10 | 12-03-12, 11:27 AM
hope this helps. Was just a quick search but as I don't know how it exactly works myself I thought that a video might help you more ^^

Silion | 12-03-12, 10:57 AM
Hello nice to meet you all :)
I joined this club ok :)
may I ask after I heard and saw some Vocaloid songs/vids-
how does this work?
So Im buying one of these packs
install it
then write a song myself (planed as a present)
then let the voice actor f.e. Hatsune Miku sing it?

would be very nice if one of you could answer me please :)

SubaruTakamaru | 11-29-12, 6:41 AM
Ah~! Hello, just joined this club :D

riami | 08-05-12, 1:24 PM
Hey everybody! c:
I absolutely adoreeeeee Gumi. <333

zq | 08-05-12, 12:01 PM
ia is superior

Kai_Kun | 08-04-12, 7:56 PM
All the Vocaloid is very cute but miku is my fave!

arielleconan | 05-29-12, 10:20 PM
please go and vote for Rin and Len to be the´╗┐ singers for 2012 London Olympics! All you have to do is to search "singers you'd like to perform at 2012 olympics" in Google search and click on the forst one

name-Renai | 04-10-12, 2:28 AM
hello :)
i wish vocaloid were real persons! :D

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