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xAvengerx | 01-08-13, 4:21 PM
Does anybody know when new episodes are coming out? I think it's been about 2-3 months of re-runs : /

Kuroyu | 01-06-13, 9:19 AM
Doesn't really look like Gintoki..

bukx | 01-06-13, 8:00 AM
Is that even Gintoki?

VioLink | 09-14-12, 1:15 PM
Okay, Pixiv/zerochan is weird sometimes.

bengoshi-kun | 09-14-12, 12:42 PM
I don't think there was an episode where he's wearing a gas mask. (・_・) Or maybe my memory sucks.. Probably that person just liked to draw Gintoki with gas mask. ^^

VioLink | 09-13-12, 5:40 PM
Wierd question: Ive seen a lot of Gintama pictures with Gintoki in a gas mask

Anyone know what episode this is from?

Eraclea- | 07-13-12, 6:59 AM
Is it just me or is there a problem with showing the pics and member cards? o.ô I can only see strange things which have nothing got to do with Gintama... Maybe a reupload would help.

imperlast | 03-12-12, 4:41 PM
its blocked it says

darkestflame | 03-12-12, 4:28 PM
watch this clip from gintama episode 115 .... it's hilarious XD!!

bengoshi-kun | 02-26-12, 10:18 AM
Most likely episode 103. ~

VioLink | 02-26-12, 9:36 AM

Sorry re-uploaded with imgur.

imperlast | 02-26-12, 9:15 AM
@link: it didn't work

VioLink | 02-26-12, 8:54 AM
Thank you! Also sorry for asking again but could you tell me what ep this is from?

bengoshi-kun | 02-26-12, 4:20 AM
It was Shinsengumi arc (101 ~ 105), don't remember which exactly episode it was, but it's definitely one of those.

And can't somebody do something about club's information? rofl

VioLink | 02-25-12, 8:45 PM
Can you tell me what episode has Okita Sougo on a train?
And can you tell me what episode shows Okita Sougo slicing something big in half?

I like Okita Sougo.

valaurelius | 01-06-12, 7:02 PM
haha, go for Elizabeth =)

imperlast | 01-06-12, 10:42 AM
a gintama refence in Sora no Manimani

valaurelius | 12-29-11, 3:12 AM
the further you get into this anime, the funnier it gets! =D

Shicchi | 12-15-11, 7:13 AM
Guys! c'mon support Gintoki by vote in
Make him the winner!!!!!!!

DarkSage74 | 10-25-11, 3:07 PM
true about Shinpachi, he is only few ppl that i would be bored when showing him in the anime.

Idk why ppl complaining about gintama rating and some ppl doesn't like it and some ppl do like it who care about rating

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