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Meomix | Jul 28, 6:20 AM
MyAnimeList has been bought over by DeNA.

Meaning we may not have a club anymore to discuss about the upcoming Angelbeats Trilogy if shit hits the fan.

And please petition that MyAnimeUpdater and Taiga implement a backup to desktop feature. I do not know whether DeNA is only pretending to be nice and then suddenly cuts off access to the MyAnimeList Updater and Taiga servers. I've seen this shit happen too many times not to take precautions.

Those who do not know of these programs see here.

Raven-Vermillion | Jul 25, 2:05 AM
No wonder I didn't see the opening. I thought it was some kinda bug and just searched it in the installed directory and watched it.

Ermeson1996 | Jul 24, 9:49 PM
Guys, it was a shock, but this guy is Matsushita.

Ermeson1996 | Jul 24, 4:53 PM
Raven, sorry, but Next Beat has one CG. You need some records (177 to 183) to get it (and the opening).

Ermeson1996 | Jul 24, 4:45 PM
One month later...

The opening is in the ending.

Ermeson1996 | Jul 24, 1:41 PM
I got Hisako's CGs. I didn't like

Ermeson1996 | Jul 22, 11:57 AM

Moonsolol | Jul 22, 5:02 AM
Holy fuck those cgs. The romance is real.

Iwasawa best girl.

Caticia1 | Jul 20, 5:29 PM
Cool, a club just for angel beats. I'm in!

Ermeson1996 | Jul 20, 5:20 PM

Ermeson1996 | Jul 20, 2:33 PM

Ermeson1996 | Jul 20, 2:24 PM

Ermeson1996 | Jul 20, 2:15 PM

Kitsu-nee | Jul 19, 7:41 AM
Ahh I see :c I ask because in some interview it was stated that first volume would have more CGs than Clannad, and I wonder if they have kept their promise.

Ermeson1996 | Jul 18, 8:05 PM
I don't know. I still have to get the others.

Ermeson1996 | Jul 18, 7:28 PM
I will put the others later.

Kitsu-nee | Jul 18, 5:29 PM
Ahh, I've got a question! How many CGs this volume has overall?

Ermeson1996 | Jul 18, 5:14 PM

Ermeson1996 | Jul 18, 4:47 PM

Ermeson1996 | Jul 18, 4:18 PM

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