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Kitsu-nee | 03-25-14, 2:17 PM
Same here, we finally need more informations >_<

Subpyro | 03-25-14, 2:04 PM
That makes two of us, Ol-Hybrius. ;)

Ol-Hybrius | 03-25-14, 1:58 PM
Sigh. Each time I see some new comment around here, I'm expecting news about the VN...

Subpyro | 03-25-14, 12:37 PM
Guys, easy on the advertising of Kanade for various competition polls out there. As an Asst. Manager at the Namine's Cafe, I pretty much dislike the polls being rigged like this all over, regardless of my personal opinion on the matches.

Robokiller87 | 03-23-14, 11:54 AM
Howdy Yall, just leaving this here incase you guys want to assist the Kanade Upset. Namine's Cafe is having a just for fun Moe Competition, but Kanade's opponent is the infamous Kobato from Haganai. Support Kanade is all I am asking. Have a nice day :D!

SennyBoy | 03-16-14, 2:18 AM
Haha. I am rewatching this again. (my 3rd time :3) Always gives me that "I have a good life" feeling

Munashisa | 03-07-14, 1:11 AM
I'm about to watch this again, so short but so good

dolamroth | 02-14-14, 9:46 AM
Join my club 'Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014':

Sensei_Stein | 02-03-14, 8:57 AM
I think so, But I am reading the knocking on heavens door which is explaining what happened before the actual event and gives a glimpse of how SSS was formed.

Subpyro | 02-03-14, 8:12 AM
I wasn't in touch with the manga yet, am more focusing on the game that's being released, heh.
Is the manga worth reading, though?

Sensei_Stein | 02-03-14, 7:33 AM
Who is keeping up with the latest Manga?

Zakuuo | 01-13-14, 8:56 AM

Kitsu-nee | 01-12-14, 3:30 PM
Hello guys!

As the visual novel is coming out soon, I joined the club. Yoroshiku~

Zakuuo | 01-07-14, 8:16 AM
personally for me it's kanade. Mostly cause i think that girls that are anept are cute. than it's yuri.

Subpyro | 01-06-14, 1:46 PM
Shiina, hands down. Followed by Yurippe.

Zakuuo | 01-06-14, 9:04 AM
Ok honestly i have to know.. between miasawa, yurippie, yui, shiina, and kanade who do you guys think is the prettiest?

Subpyro | 01-01-14, 1:58 PM
Woah, that would be the wonderland, Rand0mless. :P

Rand0mless | 12-31-13, 9:22 PM
Makes me wonder if LiSA and marina will be singing any songs for the VN. I can imagine Lia singing the opening but it would nice if GDM gets more songs too :D

nova-chan64 | 12-29-13, 4:40 PM
haha i did yui

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