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The scary glasses woman from chaos;head who thinks shes a detective!

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Maybe the creepiest character?
7 replies by Celestz »»
12-20-08, 1:23 AM

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francismeunier | 01-02-10, 4:34 AM
Now it's more! Hello everyone and happy New Year! Yua might be creepy but you have to understand her problem with losing her twin sister. That was a pain to bear. Besides Yua likes anime....that's nice in a girl.

YuukiCrossKuran | 01-07-09, 6:41 AM
She's little creepe but it's one of my favourite anime character so thx for invitation :):)

Sonja | 12-19-08, 8:33 AM
She's pretty interesting character, I have to admit. I was just thinking that maybe I just add her to favourite characters or join for a club and boom ! I got an invation for this club 8D

Websnake | 12-15-08, 7:27 PM
That's what I mean, it's what we did in the Kozupii club, invite everyone who has it favorited and/or rated it a 8-9+, plus the ones who have the character as their favorite.

Akinori | 12-15-08, 2:03 PM
We should first invite people who saw ChäoS;HEAd...

Websnake | 12-15-08, 1:20 PM
We'll random invite people eventually =-\

3li | 12-15-08, 11:48 AM
still just 16?? that CAN't be right?
Yua deserves more >:!

Akinori | 12-14-08, 4:39 AM
16 members... for Yua...

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