Soul Calibur Club.

"Welcome back to the stage of history"

Come on in and tell us all of your tales of battles on the stage of history.

In this club you can talk about your favorite characters, levels, battles and weapons. Also you can arrange matches (if you have Soul calibur 4) and there will also be an opportunity for role play.


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Your favorite cahracter.
15 replies by maar-kun »»
08-31-09, 12:04 PM
Claim your soul calibur character
10 replies by bob_threat »»
05-20-09, 7:54 AM
Sticky: character of the month.
4 replies by bob_threat »»
05-20-09, 7:52 AM
Sticky: Poll: Best game
4 replies by bob_threat »»
05-20-09, 7:50 AM
Match arranging Thread.
1 replies by Maho-shonen »»
01-03-09, 3:25 PM

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Club Comments
iwatch2muchanime | 07-07-09, 1:16 AM
BS will, it's BS for christ sake, all you need is R and L

DeadBonesBrook | 07-06-09, 4:36 PM
Eh, I'll stick with the DS for now. I'll be surprised if Broken Destiny doesn't let me do all my Hilde combos.

iwatch2muchanime | 07-06-09, 3:38 PM
i will not be getting Broken Gaystiney lol

helraiser | 07-06-09, 7:27 AM
A reason to buy PSP !

MrFreakMen | 07-06-09, 7:05 AM
Sow any Soul Calibur holders here :P
anyone got the orginale ?

I got the Soul Blade (PAL Vers.) aka Soul Edge
I still rock that game :D

anyway, who's going to buy the NEW SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny game ( Release on 1 September sow for i know ? )
check this site i meant wiki i... nver mind just check this

Soul Calibur B*tchess :S srry i meant Girls :D

iwatch2muchanime | 04-25-09, 1:34 AM
hello people

Sean_Hiruki | 04-24-09, 3:04 PM

helraiser | 02-28-09, 11:05 AM

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