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Smut ( a(n) anime/manga genre ): Deals with series that are considered profane or offensive, particularly with regards to sexual content

This club is for those who read smut, like smut, or both.:33

Club picture represents Smut anime/manga of the week. :3

Week of Aug 11 - Aug 17: Akuma na Eros by Shinjo Mayu

The only rule in this club is no spoilers.

Oh, if there is anyone who wants to request smut as a MAL Genre, please join too!

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+Smutty animes/mangas
7 replies by mrzkitty »»
04-11-12, 12:57 AM
Where's the smut?!
0 replies by ishitagupta »»
07-25-10, 9:15 AM
Manga with another genre that is also smut.
0 replies by Maora »»
08-11-08, 11:06 PM

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Club Comments
S-Sama | 11-20-09, 6:20 AM
Hi im new :)

tsubasa-lover | 09-26-09, 10:21 AM
if u go and zeck out uwaza no midori-kun'z creator page (ikeyamada go) u'll find zome zmutty manga (one of my favz iz moe kare)

kurumatani haruko haz zome realy great manga
and zeck out Ren-ai Zhijou Zhugi too ^_^V (Ren-ai Shijou Shugi)

when i find zomething new i'll contact azap
Tzubaza iz out of da houze

cubanchica250 | 08-06-09, 6:43 PM
oh and i totally recommand the manga that is on the pic its a bit long but worth the read and its not tragic. : Akuma na Eros by Shinjo Mayu

cubanchica250 | 08-06-09, 6:41 PM
kyaa~ smut is awsome the romance is so great and the smuttyness is what gives it a bit of spice to it. im a fanatic

mhilly1 | 07-18-09, 6:43 PM
i almost read all smut manga in mangafox XD
its so hard to find new smut mangas!!

Sailor45 | 07-17-09, 8:39 AM
one manga is a good plays @ minouche

minouche | 07-06-09, 8:57 PM
Hi everyone I'm new here!! I knew that I wasn't the only addicted to smutty manga!! I've already read all those on mangafox... I'm a fan of shinju Mayu and Kayono do you know some sites where I can read more and with the same kind of art as the one done by the one I said before. I'll be very pleased and thankfull if enyone can answer my request.

Thank you
And please take care of me (^.^)

jayjayy | 05-02-09, 9:44 PM
i am the biggest smut addict ever!!
(not really cause thats quite creepy... but the romance is luurvely!)

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