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Official Member Cards [OPEN]
4 replies by Jinrou »»
08-09-13, 3:20 PM

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Reenkehl | 06-06-13, 4:37 AM
Hello everyone!

Official Member Cards thread is now open

Thank you for your attention.

tsubasalover | 01-26-12, 3:38 PM
Now the sample for Mikire Zakura is out in the special site!

tsubasalover | 01-22-12, 10:15 AM
Mikire Zakura (sorry, typo) aired in Hoshizora Sunrise #42

tsubasalover | 01-09-12, 1:23 AM
There will be character song album from Tiger & Bunny, and Cyclone finally has his character song!! It's called Mikire Sakura!!

tsubasalover | 08-31-11, 5:54 AM
Do you want to affiliate with Okamoto Nobuhiko FC (banners in the club)? He's the one who does Ivan's voice.

Thank you~

norazka | 07-11-11, 10:18 AM
Ivan is sooo CUTE !
I like the way he suddenly appears somwhere , like that time when bunny was with his fangirls XD u seen the video on Yt when he was dancing to unfitting music ? LAUGHEEEd so hard x'D

And i also like the character design =3 but i would prefer a less robotic style o.o u know what i mean ? i dont knooow o.o
i hope u know what i mean x_x

VioLink | 06-02-11, 1:09 PM
Ivan is a cool guy I mean his character design is 10/10 but, i think he would look better wearing some NORMAL SIZED PANTS he would look just like Rock Howard

anyway imma add some fanart of him with some NORMAL SIZED PANTS to even the odds.

ainthemix | 05-19-11, 2:35 PM
Wanna affiliate?


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