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Ever joined an rp club with maids, butlers and masters, ready to roleplay to your heart's content? And then you find out that no one is active on there anymore? It's like trying to play catch or soccer with yourself; fun for about 5 minutes(if that) but for the most part, pretty freakin boring, right? Well never fear, that is why this club is here! Sure, it's not that flashy, but I'm workin on it. Bear with me and together we will try to not be one of those clubs that die fast!!! And having fun would be a plus, too.

Welcome to the Maid, Butler and Master RP Club!!!


Well heres an update. I have been gone for a while and now Im back(yaaay!) and I would like to start appointing club officers. I anyone is interested in helping me keep this club alive and well, please go to this thread and see the details.

Also, Im getting kind of tired of this layout(anyone agree?), so Im going to try and change it up now that Ive learned a bit about the cool tools for editing on photobucket. It wont happen all at once, mind you, but I will try my best and make it look presentable. Look foreward to them!

Story so far: Prologue~Please read this

Create your characters here below.




Normal People

Oh, and another thing. If while creating your character you want to give them powers, make them not human, or anything like that, by all means please do! That'll make the rping so much more exciting!!!


After making your character, decide where youll be living.

moving on~~~~~

Ill put in some rules as soon as I come up with them. Dont worry, I wont be strict. I just dont want there to be more confusion as to how to separate mansion from mansion, maid from butler, and all that jazz. Believe me, I dont like rules either, but sometimes there has to be some kind of limits to avoid misunderstandings.

Here are the rules so far!!!

1. You can cuss, but not every 5 seconds unless it is your characters personality.

2. Invite anybody you want.

3. Your character can be a neko, vampire, mage, etc. with powers, weapons, fighting expreience etc. and will be accepted as soon as you post your character.

4. If you wanna fight, then take it to the courtyards unless its okay with the owner that half their house gets shattered.

5. The mansions will be a meter or two apart from eachother so visiting people at their mansions is more convenient.

6. Its okay to have more than one as long as you label which one you are at the time of your post.

7.Its okay to post another RPer as your maid, butler, or master as long as you have the consent of said RPer

That is all I can think of right now. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Enjoy RPing~~~

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Club Discussion
Regular characters
5 replies by Sam_the_proxy »»
06-16-14, 1:49 AM
Living arrangements
13 replies by allen_walker1989 »»
12-27-13, 4:54 AM
Maid Characters
10 replies by allen_walker1989 »»
12-27-13, 4:39 AM
Men's Hot Springs
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07-21-11, 10:57 PM
Pairings, for lack of a better word...
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07-21-11, 7:48 PM

Club Comments
snowbunny13 | 05-22-14, 7:48 AM
hello *blush

yumiyukifan1 | 11-16-13, 6:50 AM
Ima new user but I'll join..don't mind my noobish ways xD

futaluver | 07-02-11, 3:22 AM
This club looks sleepy :( Well i've joined anyways cause it looks like a good place <3

spyro4ever | 03-07-11, 8:59 PM

flame_master_14 | 03-06-11, 8:29 PM
Also, welcome.

flame_master_14 | 03-06-11, 8:12 PM
Not sure if slowly dieing is correct. It's more like the place is a zombie that just sort of sits here until we remember to look again.

spyro4ever | 02-24-11, 1:51 AM
Hi I just joined.

blacksama | 02-10-11, 8:46 AM
club slowly dieing

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