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Tsubasalover seriously is an important member for us! <3
"Quote, tsubasalover"

Vol. 6 was out December 22, 2010 and it also includes a box!

From Staff blog:

Ikkun is the main character in special ch. from LaLa DX 1st vol.

Cover with Usui and Misaki on snowboard.

yay for tsubasalover!
"Quote, tsubasalover"
tsubasalover | 12-02-10, 3:22 PM
Vol.6 Released on November 24, 2010


Image from Staff blog about Radio show event on November 13, 2010.

Wow finnaly we have some new info again!!! all thanks to tsubasalover!!! :D
"Quote, tsuabasalover"
Yumemishi (U×ミシ) Album:

Vol.4 was out October 22, 2010

There was an event for Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Radio show on November 13, 2010 @ Akihabara. The radio personalities (Misaki's seiyuu and Yukimura's seiyuu) and the guests (seiyuus of 3 baka trios) were there.

Thanks to tsubasalover once again... i keep saying this, dont i?
"Quote, tsubasalover"
From Staff blog:

Group photos after airing final ep.

And at the same entry, it re broadcasts at some TV channel in Japan on end of October!

December edition of LaLa's script (even though it's two weeks ahead until it's release!)

Tsuabasalover, thank you, once again!! :D
"Quote, tsubasalover"
Also there's difference for the title in Japan and other countries.


OST 2 and U×Mishi Virtual Live Album -NATSUKOI☆Monogatari-also releasing the same day as Vol.3. (According to blog)


DVD and BD Vol.3 Releasing September 23, 2010, along with final ep.!

Thanks to tsubasalover!! :D
BD/DVD Vol2 (released August 25, 2010)

Thanks to tsubasalover, once again. Where would we be without Tsubasa and Vampire? ;D
"Quote, tsubasalover"

Character Concept CD5 ─Another Side2─ releasing August 25, 2010

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Maid Latte Songs! releasing August 25, 2010


Also Vol 11 was released on 5th august. (japanese, in japan)
News Update

All 26 Epsiodes Of Anime are Released in Subbed Version!!
Chapter 66 is out!Click here ot read it!
The special episode of the anime is out too, we didn't find a proper sub yet, tough!

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PrevE | 12-20-14, 7:33 AM
BUMP anyone still alive here?

tsubasalover | 02-12-14, 2:47 AM
Another extra chapter (seems like I'm late)

tsubasalover | 01-24-14, 2:45 AM
Please do NOT believe the recent rumor that there's 2nd season coming. Unless LaLa did announced that there will be one that I didn't know, I don't see any news in Japanese online that indicates there will be 2nd season.

tsubasalover | 12-27-13, 1:19 AM
Looks like there's also a chapter released about Tora after final chapter.

tsubasalover | 09-27-13, 12:31 AM
Mangaka's blog entry about final ch.

kennikitty | 09-22-13, 1:40 PM
Oh my god, resisting these spoilers is killing me. xD

Neko_Witch | 07-28-13, 4:58 PM
Oh man just 3 chaps left ;A; that's sad.
Also Happy 4 Year Anniversary to all! I should fix the BCC soon :U

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