Sakura and Sasuke <3

I have always thought of Sasuke as "emo" and "avenger" but Sakura has always loved him. After all the times he rejected her, don't you think that you would be depressed and quit trying? I know I would. But Sakura is different. She didn't stop loving the guy. I idolize her so much. She went through pain and suffered losing him. Now look at her. She is a strong and beautiful women in the new series "Naruto:Shippuuden." I think they make the BEST couple now. I never used to like Sasuke for her. I thought he was just an emo loser with no life. But when the series went on, I liked him more. Please join and share the love with me on how the two are the best together. ^^

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2 replies by Eione »»
12-02-09, 10:08 PM
How do you think sasuke and sakura will get together?
0 replies by Misuky-san »»
08-19-09, 3:18 PM

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pearlescentsky | 07-02-10, 9:48 PM

Cloud767 | 02-05-10, 5:57 AM
Thanks for the invtation

xXepolevnEXx | 02-03-10, 7:33 PM
thnx for the invite the pic is cool!!

cha-chan | 02-02-10, 5:48 AM
thnx for the inv~

UltimaSasuke | 12-20-09, 11:35 AM
Hi all ^.^

Ophelia | 06-27-09, 2:56 PM
I guess we need a topic to talk about so that the club won't die. How about new chapters? At least we got a little SasuSaku (almost). I see SasuSaku coming. But I guess Naruto will meet Sasuke first (damn him). Though I personally hope that she, this time, will meet up with him and stop him. (But I knnow that the series is called Naruto, but hope is all we got)

WinterNightsFall | 03-14-08, 11:02 PM
*Bump* Again. -.-

lalalagirl | 02-17-08, 9:57 AM
Sasusaku FTW!! <33