Exist Trace (often typeset as exist†trace) are a Japanese metal band of the visual kei style, and comprised entirely of female members. They're from Tokyo, Japan, and initially formed in June 2003.
To date, the band has released three singles and one mini-album. Exist Trace has also appeared on two omnibus albums as well as one live DVD featuring several bands on the Shizuoka-based Sequence Records label. Exist Trace released a new EP on April 22, 2009, entitled Vanguard -of the muses-.
Exist Trace incorporates J-Rock elements into Heavy Metal Music and Vocalist Jyou uses a J-Rock vocal style with growling elements. Their guitar sound often features heavy distortion and technically virtuosic riffs and solos. Their sound is heavily focused on their bass and drumming, which helps define their musical style. The lyrics are mainly based on gothic themes, and their music style has resemblance to Gothic Metal.


Demented Show (09.09.2007) - live
Recreation eve (11.19.2008)

Annunciation -the heretic elegy- (12.13.2006)
Vanguard -of the muses- (4.22.2009)
Ambivalent Symphony (10.21.2009)

"Ambivalence" (08.28.2005)
"Funeral Bouquet" (1st Press 02.15.2006, 2nd Press 01.10.2007)
"Riot" (07.17.2006)
"Liquid" (07.18.2007)
"KNIFE" (06.02.2010)

Drive Up!! vol. 1 (04.15.2005) Corrosion
SUMMIT 03 (11.29.2006) Mabushii Hodo no Kurayami no Naka de (眩しい程の暗闇の中で)

Silent Hill 2061125 Pavilion which deer barks (03.07.2007) (First Press Limited Edition released 01.31.2007)

Vocals: Jyou (ジョウ)
Guitar: Miko (ミコ)
Guitar: Omi (乙魅)
Bass: Naoto (猶人)
Drums: Mally (マリ)
Source: Wikipedia

Download their latest album called TWIN GATE here

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Your favourite member?
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KNIFE (new single - June 2010)
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Your favourite song?
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Ambivalent Symphony and Resonance PV
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Sticky: exist†trace
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Takatori | 10-03-10, 11:56 AM
Haha yes, you're right!

Kyomu9 | 10-03-10, 10:28 AM
When I fist saw them I was like Wtf?! They don't look like a metal band in those prom dresses <.<
But their music is really good.

Takatori | 10-03-10, 10:10 AM
Another all female metal band, but I guess a bit more of a pop element in their music. I love them, but I guess just not as dark and heavy as exist trace.

Kyomu9 | 10-02-10, 12:04 PM
I've never heard of Aldious. I have to check them out...

Takatori | 10-02-10, 11:29 AM
exist†trace vs Aldious 2-man live will be held at Shibuya MILKY WAY at 2010/11/06 ---- existtrace and aldious : 2 man : irony? haha I love Aldious so both of them together should be pretty good :D

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